Amazing Dishes to Make with Leftover Kimchi

Kimchi (or kimchee or gimchi) is one of those things that makes everything taste better. It adds a depth of spice and flavor to stews, rice, and noodles that's almost impossible to find anywhere else. So don't throw out that last bit of kimchi, even if you have a shiny new bottle waiting to take its place. Do your fridge and your tummy a flavor and make one of those delicious kimchi-filled recipes. 

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    Kimchi Fried Rice ( bokumbap or bokkeumbap) is humble food that is mostly enjoyed at home, but you might also see it in some casual Korean eateries. At home, it's a great way to use leftover kimchi that's a bit past its prime. I almost always make it if we have leftover rice and/or kimchi, and usually use Canadian bacon as a protein if I have it. Quick, easy, and cheap to make, kimchi bokumbap is simple Korean home cooking at its best.

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     Dubu Kimchi is a popular ​anju (Korean drinking snack) and a delicious, easy way to use leftover or older kimchi. The vibrant flavor of the sauteed kimchi is mellowed by the soft, delicate texture of the plain tofu.

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    Spicy Korean Kimchi Pasta


    This meaty, spicy pasta sauce is chock full of vegetables, tofu, and kimchi for a Korean-infused bowl of ​pasta. From chef Cathlyn Choi, this is a keeper. 


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    Hawaiian cuisine combines great elements of Asian, American, European, and traditional island cooking, and I've learned some great things from Hawaiian cooks. This is based on a Hawaiian fusion-y recipe and is an easy way to make a spicy, flavorful cheese dip.

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    Spicy Kimchi Stew (Kimchichigae)

    This spicy kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae or kimchichigae) is served bubbling hot and makes good use of leftover or older kimchi. Fiery hot, hearty, and full of flavor, kimchichigae is great for cold winter days but Koreans can eat it anytime, anywhere. There is a lot of room for variation in this dish, and everyone has their favorite combination. My favorite additions include potatoes, zucchini, and mushrooms.

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    Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts with Kimchi

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     This is not a traditional Korean recipe, but there are very few vegetables that don't taste great sauteed with some kimchi, butter, and olive oil. I love how modern Korean-American chefs have been playing with kimchi + Brussels sprouts, so here's my easy take on how to recreate this dish at home.

    Of course, throwing in some pancetta or bacon will make this dish more hearty and flavorful. But even without any meat, it's a filling side dish for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

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    This kimchi pancake recipe is a great use of leftover kimchi and is very easy to make.Kimchi Jun works as a hearty snack, an appetizer, or a side dish to a Korean or Asian meal. As with most Korean recipes and dishes, you can tweak it to your own tastes with the addition of other vegetables, meat, or seafood. If you are going to be using the ready-made batter available at Korean and other Asian groceries, see the bottom note for directions.

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    This is savory kimchi rice (or kimchee, or ​gimchee), but you don't need to have already cooked rice to make this happen. You briefly saute the kimchi and meat and then cook it with the rice in your handy rice cooker. It's a true multi-tasking meal.