RoboShooter Robot Toy Review

This remote-control robot will have kids roaring with laughter

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ThinkGizmos RoboShooter

RoboShooter Robot Toy

The Spruce / Kaity Velez

What We Like
  • Gentle disc-shooting

  • Fun dance moves

  • Intuitive set-up

What We Don't Like
  • Very loud

  • Discs get lost

  • Have to press the “Go” button every time

Bottom Line

The RoboShooter Robot can shoot discs, dance, walk, and talk with the touch of a button. Though it’s not the most high-tech option on the market (and parents may wish they could lower the volume), it’s still a fun and relatively low-cost gift for kids who are interested in robots.


ThinkGizmos RoboShooter

RoboShooter Robot Toy

The Spruce / Kaity Velez

We purchased the ThinkGizmos RoboShooter so our expert reviewer could test it out with her son. Keep reading for our full product review.

The moment our 6-year-old laid eyes on the RoboShooter Robot, his excitement level soared off the charts. And who could blame him? With its armored exterior, laser gun, and buttons, the gleaming android is certainly stimulating at first glance. However, any parent knows that a child’s initial interest in a toy can fade quickly, so we wanted to see whether this robot would remain a favorite or be forgotten in a few days.

After inserting the batteries (not included), we powered up the RoboShooter and were suddenly met with “Greetings, master. I await your command.” The laughs that followed were a promising sign that this dancing, walking robot would live up to expectations. Here, we’ll break down our experience with this popular toy, one of many cyborg models on the market, from its design to its entertainment value and more.

RoboShooter Robot Toy
The Spruce / Kaity Velez
RoboShooter Robot Toy
The Spruce / Kaity Velez
RoboShooter Robot Toy
The Spruce / Kaity Velez

Design: Not the most high-tech, but still fun

Standing at slightly taller than one foot, the RoboShooter by ThinkGizmos does exactly as its name implies: It fires foam discs from its chest. But that’s not all: The toy also lights up, makes noise, and moves in response to a remote control, walking in all directions and even dancing. While this toy isn’t necessarily the most sophisticated option available, it still gets kids excited. Our 6-year-old couldn’t wait to tear open the packaging and start playing. The bright lights and shiny exterior drew him in immediately, and he easily figured out how to load the discs into the chamber without even looking at the directions. Talk about intuitive!

Of course, ammunition for all toys is easy to lose behind furniture or outside, so it helps that this robot comes with a whopping 12 discs in four different colors to keep the fun going. Lose ‘em all? Order a replacement pack online.

Note: Parents who don’t allow toy weapons may want to avoid this robot as it comes armed with a gun, fires on command, and utters phrases such as “Freeze! Identify yourself or I will shoot.”

Our son spent hours shooting, chasing, and reloading the discs and laughing at the robotic dance moves.

Entertainment Value: Several ways to keep kids engaged

For whatever reason, kids—including ours—love throwing and shooting things at their parents, friends, siblings, and anyone else around. If your child is in this phase, you will probably appreciate the RoboShooter, as it’s a gentler alternative to, say, Nerf guns.

The easy-to-load RoboShooter spits out lightweight ammo, then starts dancing a moment later. Our son spent hours shooting, chasing, and reloading the discs and laughing at the robotic dance moves. However, each time, he had to press the “Go” button before clicking a command on the remote control, which frustrated him. The toy is also quite loud, which we found irritating, especially since there is no way to turn it down.

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Age Range: 5 and up

The manufacturer-recommended age is 5 and up, and we wouldn’t advise going any younger. Sure, the robot’s discs are soft and safe, but the controls could confuse younger kids. Little ones ages 5 and up will have a better grasp on the toy’s multiple functions and an easier time loading the discs and pressing the buttons.

RoboShooter Robot Toy
The Spruce / Kaity Velez

Ease of Cleaning: Easy to wipe down

Since the RoboShooter has batteries, you can’t submerge it in water, but its smooth surface makes the toy easy to wipe down. However, you’ll definitely want to supervise younger children, who might be tempted to stuff food or other items into the slot where the discs go.

The moment our 6-year-old laid eyes on the RoboShooter Robot, his excitement level soared off the charts.

Price: Good value

The RoboShooter is a sturdy toy with lots of entertainment value, and its price is fair considering it has several features to keep kids engaged. At around $25, the product is comparable to other toy robots on the market.

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Competition: Other high-tech, educational options

This robot is lower-tech and not as educational as other products, but it’s also one of the few featuring an action skill like shooting out discs—something that’s sure to capture and keep your kids’ attention. However, if you don’t want toy weapons in your home, this robot isn’t the best choice for you. Instead, you might prefer "Ditto" the Babble Bot, which can repeat everything your child says, or the Sikaye Smart Robot, which boasts skills including singing, dancing, sliding, and interacting.

Final Verdict

The RoboShooter is a great starter robot for younger kids.

The price tag isn’t a huge commitment, making it a good test to see if your little one will be interested in (and responsible enough for) a more expensive model. At the end of the day, the RoboShooter is a whole lot of fun and will get cheers of excitement from your child.


  • Product Name RoboShooter
  • Product Brand ThinkGizmos
  • Price $24.99
  • Weight 2.4 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 12.7 x 8.3 x 5 in.
  • Color Black or silver
  • Warranty None
  • Batteries 6 AA, not included
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age Range 5+
  • What’s Included Robot, remote control, and 12 foam discs