This Charming 1964 Single Wide is a Lovely Tiny Home

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Traditional mobile homes have a bad rap despite the fact they’re functional, practical and typically more affordable than other types of tiny dwellings. However, one couple in California is combating the stigma associated with mobile home living with their charming 1964 single wide.
Last year Dianna and Michael Woods decided to ditch their larger digs for a fifty-year-old mobile home they purchased for $3,500. Within a few months, they transformed their new space into a cozy nest loaded with personal touches and practical features.

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    Check Out This Lovely Hand Painted Plywood Sub-floor

    Dianna Woods

    It took two months to create the beautiful hand-painted rustic floor shown here. After spending 15 hours ripping out the mobile home's fifty-year-old carpet, the Woods discovered an entirely intact plywood sub-floor. Dianna explains how she and her husband refinished the wood floor including how they created the hand-painted border here.

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    Nothing Went to Waste When They Restored This Tiny Home

    Dianna Woods

    While the Woods were renovating their mobile home, their goal was to restore and keep anything that was still functional. They earn big brownie points for repairing their mobile home's original kitchen cabinet and drawer hardware. The hinges and hand-stamped handles (shown above) were coated with layers of chippy white paint. Even though Dianna admits that the copper cabinet pulls are not exactly her style, they are keepers because of their value. Vintage copper pulls like hers can cost a couple of hundred dollars each at high-end hardware across the U.S.A.

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    This Classic Tiny Kitchen Has Plenty of Storage


    A good scrubbing, a fresh coat of white paint and new lighting (shown on the next page) are pretty much all this classic kitchen needed to get back its style appeal. The Woods were able to score additional storage space when they removed the non-working 50-year-old oven.

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    Swapped Out Old Light Fixtures for Energy Efficient Ones


    The old light fixtures in the mobile home's kitchen were not energy efficient. So they were replaced with these two 10” glass ceiling medallions. Not only are they more efficient, but they also complement the vintage kitchen's appearance.

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    Plenty of Storage Space

    Dianna Woods

    Every room in this 1964 single wide has plenty of storage space. While the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom came equipped with built-in storage, the Woods lined their living room with bookcases to accommodate their book collection, art supplies and home office equipment.

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    Lots of Storage Space in the Bedroom


    The tiny bedroom in this 520 square foot mobile home does not have a closet. However, the original built-in cabinetry, and the additional shelves the Woods added creates plenty of storage space for shoes and clothing.

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    They Put a Personalized Spin on the Bathroom

    Dianna Woods

    Like the kitchen, the bathroom was scrubbed clean and painted white. The Woods also retitled the vanity with beautiful glass tiles. Dianna gave the bathroom a personal touch using artwork she created.

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    We Adore This DIY Fence

    Dianna Woods

    The mobile home is placed on a pint-sized yard. This DIY fence provides the yard with a little privacy.

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    The Backyard is a Restful Retreat

    Dianna Woods

    The Woods personalized their small yard by turning it into a little retreat with seating for two and a tiny rose garden. The pebbles were used to create a drought-resistance landscape.