What Your Rising Sign Says About Your Home Decor

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When we decide to decorate our home, we likely have several things in mind. While looking into trends and fixating on our budgets certainly come into play, the main point we hope to get across is a representation of our personality. We want the space to reflect who we are. For many people, looking into astrology can help bring certain aspects of ourselves to light. While many are familiar with Sun signs, looking into other zodiac elements in your birth chart–such as your rising sign–can give stronger insight into your personality! 

The rising sign focuses on your identity, your physical appearance, and the version of yourself you feel comfortable showing to the world around you. It’s usually the first impression others have of you. When applying this to your home, it’s likely the version of yourself that comes through the most when you’re decorating! So what does your rising sign say about your home decor?

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    eccentric home decor

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    Your personality is weird and unique, and you care more about showing unconventional aspects of yourself rather than creating something cohesive. Futuristic, forward-thinking, artistic are the main goals you have in mind when you're decorating your home. You may look into what the typical decor rules are– but only so you can break them. You care about structure, but you want the freedom to change things up when necessary. You aren't afraid to experiment with unique furniture, colors, and styles because you can always change it if you aren't a fan.

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    comfy living room with global decor accents

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    You're free-flowing and relaxed, and you want a space where you can get away from the world yet is also welcoming to others. You're more inclined to decorate with artistic and expressive items rather than practical and according to a specific plan. You don't lean into boring, sensible options–if it resonates with you on a personal level, then it becomes an essential part of the home. You are more likely to indulge in decor choices because it's essential for you to have an authentic representation of who you are rather than pick a by-the-book concept. 

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    bold interior decor

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    You're a trailblazer, a little impulsive, and bold in your choices. You aren't afraid to level up your decor and go places others typically wouldn't. An adventurous new paint color? Mixing patterns? You're willing to try anything at least once! You're highly invested in the latest styles and trends–you want to be the one who does them first. You're likely the one who has big dreams for their space and goes out of your way to bring those concepts to life, and you make sure your home doesn't go unnoticed. 

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    polished home interior

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    You care deeply about making your home presentable, polished, and gorgeous. As one of the zodiac signs ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and aesthetics, everything in your home is intentional. You are grounded in your desires and believe things should be functional and stylish–one cannot exist without the other. You're extremely in tune with the physical world, and your decor radiates this. Whether it's luxurious fabrics, scented candles, stunning accessories, you want all your senses to be taken into account when you make decorating decisions. 

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    art collection on a gallery wall

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    You're unpredictable and place immense value on connecting with others. You love displaying the things that are interesting to you and typically use them as a focal point that you build the rest of your decor around. You're likely a collector of some sort–whether that be books, photos, or other random objects. You also strive to change things up on occasion so that you aren't dealing with the same layout. Variety is a necessary component for you when you're selecting how to decorate!

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    comfy living room

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    Your home holds plenty of significance to you, as it's your safe haven from the rest of the world. You lean towards what is comfortable and thoughtful, regardless of it is necessarily stylish. You want a beautiful atmosphere; however, you aren't willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of it. Sentimental and caretaking, your home is most defined by the spaces people gather–think the kitchen or the living room. These spaces stand out and are typically the most engaging because you want your guests to feel welcome. 

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    elegant living room interior

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    You constantly strive to have the best, whatever that looks like to you. You believe that your home is a direct reflection of who you are and your success, so you don't hold back on making it look remarkable. If someone else has already attempted a particular look or style, then you will do it better. You're drawn towards the things that are noticeable, eye-catching, and elegant. Whether it's gold accents, multiple mirrors hanging around the home, or flashy accessories, you want where you live to shine.

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    composed, practical dining room

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    You are practical and purposeful, and this absolutely extends to your home decor. While you certainly can be flexible, you like your home to appear clean, sleek, and composed. You prefer options that are easy to keep organized and fit within a theme. Your decor must have a purpose or work with the rest of the home–you don't believe in decorating purely for aesthetics alone. However, that doesn't mean you settle for boring decor choices! Whether it's hanging shelves, ottomans with storage space, or a table that can change sizes depending on the event, you like to be prepared for anything and look good in the process!

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    well-composed living room

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    You want others to be comfortable in your home, not just yourself. As the other zodiac sign ruled by Venus, you seek ways to make the home more beautiful in any way you see fit. You do what you can to make your home inviting and an ideal space to gather because community and hospitality are vital to your well-being. Your decor is understated yet elegant– you may gravitate towards pastel colors or small details that bring the home together. Symmetrical displays are no surprise here and give the house a balanced feel. You care about the aesthetic, but more importantly, that things all in the home come together. 

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    minimalist, dark interior decor

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    You're private, intimate, and a bit daring. A minimalist environment is a natural option given your reserved nature. You don't mind keeping people guessing about who you are, but you take pride in keeping your appearance together. You select items that blend in and ensure that your space is only reflecting what you want people to see. While your home may stand out through implementing darker color schemes or the occasional statement piece, you don't feel the need to keep everything on display or draw strong attention to your indoor design. The mystery is part of the charm!

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    worldly interior with plants throughout

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    You desire freedom and expression, as well as a place that doesn't make you feel restricted. You're adventurous and curious personality radiate through you, and you want your home to do the same! You want to feel connected to everything else around you, rather than separating things. You strive to bring the outside world in, whether through decorating with plants to connect with nature or gathering inspiration from other places you've visited. You don't require the rooms to match perfectly. It's more important that it's interesting–you want your home decor to spark questions and opportunities to share what matters to you!

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    traditional living room decor

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    Traditional and mindful, you want your decor to function as a pillar of strength much like yourself. You want there to be clear boundaries in the home, with each room and decor choice serving specific purposes. You only invest in items that are well-made, hand-crafted, and likely will outlast your time with them. You aren't as concerned with incorporating the latest fashionable concepts because, in your opinion, classic touches are timeless.