This ‘Magic’ Light Trick Is Perfect for Renters—and Can Transform Any Space

An elegant and easy way to add light to a space. No electricity needed

wireless sconces over window seat

The Spruce / Brooke Christen

If you’re indecisive, live in a rental, or don’t want to invest a lot of time or money into projects around the house, there are tons of temporary solutions that can make your space feel custom and special. From peel and stick wallpaper to removable velcro strips to hang gallery walls, companies have made it easier than ever to change the appearance of a space without damaging walls.

Home decor blogger, Brooke Christen, aka Nesting With Grace, created a way to hang lighting without any electricity. Better known as the magic light trick, you can easily add light anywhere in your home, instantly making a place in your room look custom. The best part? You don't have to hard-wire anything and you do not need an outlet.

Perfect for fall and winter, you can easily cozy up any corner in your home. Create snuggly reading nooks or add soft glows that you cannot achieve with overhead lighting. No matter where you do the magic light trick, you’ll love the cozy vibes it instantly adds to your space.

How She Came Up With the Idea

It all started when she was helping a family member get her baby nursery ready. “I had ordered some scones for the nursery we just completed for my sister-in-law and I wasn’t sure if we could easily figure out how to run electricity to them,” says Christen. “I put my thinking cap on and came up with a solution that involved none of the above and that cost under $20 and was done in 2 minutes!”

She figured out how to make a sconce have light without having to do any electrical wiring, and the magic light trick was born.

Once they figured out how to hang the sconces, the lights instantly transformed the space.

How to Create the Magic Light Trick

There are a few ways to create the magic light trick, but the one thing they all have in common is the use of “quick lights” or what Christen likes to call “hockey puck lights.”

What You’ll Need

Christen says all you need are:


Watch her video to see step-by-step instructions:

Once you fasten the hockey puck light to the sconce, attach the sconce to the wall with Command strips or nail them into the wall with their hooks. If the wires on your sconce are long, you can easily cut them since you won't be hardwiring them into anything.

Ways to Use the 'Magic Light Trick' 

Adding the DIY sconce lighting gives dark areas in your house the extra light they need. “I just absolutely love that you can make any space in your home look custom and add some charm without calling a professional,” says Christen. The lights can instantly create cozy reading nooks throughout your home.

Art Display

magic light trick over hallway art
 The Spruce / Brooke Christen

Create a gallery-like display by hanging a sconce light above your favorite piece of artwork. Whether it’s in a dark hallway that needs some extra love or is on full display in your living room, the magic light trick will make it look luxe.

Late-Night Reading 

magic light trick over child's bed
The Spruce / Brooke Christen

Do your kids love to read at night? Try adding the sconce lighting over a bed for the perfect amount of light to unwind and read their favorite book.

Kitchen Glow-Up

magic light trick in kitchen
 The Spruce / Brooke Christen

Want some softer, mood-setting lighting in your kitchen? Use the hockey puck lights under the cabinets and attach a sconce next to the cabinets. “We used this wall sconce and wired the click lights to the inside. For a wall lamp that is covered you will just use the remote to turn it on,” says Christen. The lights add a nice warm glow to the kitchen space and will make it look like you had custom lighting installed.

magic light trick over art in family room
 The Spruce / Brooke Christen

Christen swears to all of her friends and followers that at the end of the day, this is a great trick if you have limited electrical outlets or don't want to invest the time or money to have a fixture installed.