This Tiny Home Will Make You Want to Live in a Grain Silo

 Couple sitting in the entrance of their grain silo home

Inside this repurposed grain silo is a chic tiny urban home. It is called the Silo House, and it is located in Phoenix, Arizona in the Garfield Historic District. Architect Christoph Kaiser created this cozy nest that is now home sweet home for him and his wife. You can see more of this sleek and modern dwelling (including the awesome backyard) on the following pages.

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    The Silo House: It Has an Open Floor Plan

    Interior living and kitchen area with spiral staircase

    Kaiser purchased the grain silo in Kansas from, yep, a local farmer. And get this, he was able to drive his future home back to Arizona because it was small enough to fit in the back of his pickup truck.

    Shown here is the first floor of this two-story tiny home. It has an open floor plan that includes the kitchen, a small dining area, and the living room.

    The home's beautiful wood surfaces were constructed out of scrap walnut plank flooring. Kaiser purchased it on Craigslist for the bargain-basement price of $350. Yes, we are jealous!

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    The Silo House: the Bedroom Is on the Second Floor

    Second-floor bedroom of grain silo overlooking living area

    The bedroom is located on the second floor. It has a motorized skylight that floods the room with natural rays when opened. No worries about storage space here. The woods walls conceal cabinetry, which provides this tiny abode with tons of vertical storage.

    The bedroom has an additional surprise feature that turns the boudoir into a cozy home theater. The couple installed a digital projector so they can enjoy movies or watch marathons of their favorite shows on the opposite wall while lounging in bed.

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    The Silo House: Yes, There's a Yard

    The tiny home has a 9-foot-wide custom sliding door that connects the interior to an inviting backyard. The outdoor space is truly a little oasis. It has two beautiful raised vegetable garden beds that are conveniently located near the kitchen. There's also plenty of outdoor seating. Even better, a gorgeous wood fence provides complete privacy.

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    The Silo House: It Is Energy Efficient

    Grain Silo Home Exterior Couple

    Kaiser wanted to make sure his tiny home felt comfortable every single day of the year, so he made it more energy efficient. A 10-inch layer of spray foam installation was added between the silo’s corrugated steel walls and the home’s interior. It was the frosting on the cake that regulates this tiny silo home's interior temperature.

    One more note, check out the mini-silo. It's a detached garage for bikes.