You Can Build This Tiny House for Less Than $2,000

An Off the grid Tiny House

Yes, you can build this rustic cabin, which packs 400 square feet of living space, for less than $2,000. While it may seem like a distant dream, having a tiny home like this one isn't out of the question, both financially and physically.

The tiny house plans were created by Lamar Alexander, a homesteader who lives mortgage-free and off the grid on a patch of family-owned land in Utah. His designs are for people looking to live a similar lifestyle. Below, learn more about the accommodations of this tiny home.

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    A Great Bug-Out Retreat

    Off the grid tiny cabin

    The cabin's 14-foot-by-14-foot interior has a main floor and full loft. The latter is spacious enough for a bedroom and home office. The cozy downstairs is sufficient for a bathroom, kitchen, and comfy living area.

    Alexander says this small home makes a great starter home or bug-out retreat that can sleep up to six people.

    So, what's the catch?

    A fully tricked out interior that includes a solar or gas power source -- not to mention appliances and fixtures cost extra. 

    If you're interested in learning more, his "Ultimate Off-Grid Guide" e-book, which includes the building plans for the cabin, shares how you can finish the interior on the cheap.

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    The Tiny Cabin Packs 400 Square Feet of Living Space

    how to build a tiny house for less than $2,000
    A glimpse of the cabin being built. Simplesolarhomesteading

    The e-book is 355-pages and has detailed instructions for constructing the cabin. In it you'll find everything you need to know to make it truly self-sufficient including:

    • How to install a solar and wind power system that will provide enough juice for your lights, appliances, and gadgets
    • How to hook up propane appliances
    • How to DIY a solar composting toilet
    • How to drill your own water well
    • How to harvest rain and recycle greywater
    • How to build a heating source
    • How to add an addition to your cabin
    • How to DIY a heated hot tub
    • How you can find affordable homesteading properties
    • How you can carve out a living from your homestead

    And most important, the plans include the secret to building this retreat for around $2000.

    Lamar Alexander's "Ultimate Off-Grid-Guide" can be downloaded for $7. If you prefer a printed copy, you can purchase one from the publisher for $24.95.

    For more details and to see photos of customer built cabins visit Alexander's site: Simple Solar Homesteading

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