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    Elvis Costume

    Elvis Costume Photo
    Creative Costume Idea for Halloween and Other Occasions Elvis Costume. Submitted By the Fanning Family

    Creative Costume Ideas for Halloween and Other Occasions

    You don't have to spend a lot of money or time shopping around for the perfect costume an accessories. Instead, make a visit to a nearby thrift store or even dig around in your own closet. You will be amazed at what you can come up with. If you end up creating a costume using supplies from a thrift store, take a picture and share it using this simple form. You can also explore more thrift store costumes by browing through this collection.

    The...MORE Fanning family found many of the necessary supplies for this costume at their local thrift store and craft store.

    You can read more about how they made this costume in this posting.

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    Bride of Frankenstein

    Bride of Frankenstein
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Bride of Frankenstein. Submitted By Melissa Kipp

    Melissa Kipp made this Bride of Frankenstein costume out of a few items from the thrift store.

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    Cinderella Costume

    Cinderella Costume Photo
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Cinderella Costume Photo. Submitted By Sherri, Your Family Crafts Guide

    Scour your local thrift stores for old prom and bridesmaid dresses you can use to make this costume.

    I created this costume for my daughter using a frilly bridesmaid dress. I cut off the skirt of the dress, trimmed and re-sewed to bodice to fit my daughter, and then sewed the skirt back on and hemmed it. We also made glass slippers by painting white canvas shoes using pearl and glitter fabric paint.

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    Flower Garden Costume

    Flower Garden Costume Photo
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Flower Garden Costume Photo. Submitted By Jennifer from PA

    Go searching around your local thrift store for a variety of fake flowers and greenery.

    Learn how Jennifer made this costume by reading these instructions.

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    Mother Nature Costume

    Mother Nature Costume Photo
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Mother Nature Costume Photo. Submitted By Gennifer Curtis

    Gennifer Curtis used her imagine and items she had, or found at a thrift store, to make this unique costume.

    You can find another variation of a Mother Nature costume here.

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    Old Lady Costume

    Old Lady Costume Photo
    Creative Costume Idea for Halloween and Other Occasions Old Lady Costume Photo. Submitted By Snogirl

    It is easy to find items to use for this costume at a thrift store.

    To find out how Snogirl made this costume, check out this tutorial.

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    Scarecrow Costume

    Scarecrow Costume
    Creative Costume Idea for Halloween and Other Occasions Scarecrow Costume. Submitted by Bobbye Barthe

    Bobbye Barthe had a lot of fun coming up with this costume for her son.

    From Bobbye, "For Halloween last year my then five-year-old son, Braylon, decided he wanted to be a scarecrow. I instantly began formulating a plan on how to make a cute outfit for him. I went to the thrift store and bought some old faded blue jeans and a flannel shirt, both of which were about three sizes too big. I also purchased one square of blue felt and one square of brown felt, to use as 'patches' on the...MORE jeans, and some raffia to use as 'hay' stuffing. After washing the clothes, I had my son wear them so I would know how much length needed to be cuffed. I used hot glue to secure the raffia to the shirt and pants. I cut the felt into a patch-sized square and sewed the squares to the pants at fun angles. I could not find a suitable straw hat, so I used an over-sized fisherman's hat. To complete the look, I touched up his face with a little makeup."

    You can also read these suggestions for making a scarecrow costume.

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    Marie Antoinnette Costume

    Marie Antoinnette Costume
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Marie Antoinnette Costume. Submitted by Jill McDonald

    Search thrift stores for fancy dresses you can use to make Marie Antoinnette's dress.

    Jill McDonald explained how she made this costume in this post.

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    Fortune Teller Costume

    Fortune Teller Costume
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Fortune Teller Costume. Submitted By Lori Curtis

    Look for skirts and shirts at thrift stores, or in your own closet, to make this cool costume. Don't forget a lot of costume jewelry.

    Lori Curtis explains how she made these costumes in this tutorial.

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    Princess Costume

    Princess Costume
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Princess Costume. Submitted By Anita White

    Anita White found a bridesmaid dress at a thrift store and used it to create this lovely costume for her daughter Kricket.

    Read these directions to find out more about how Anita made this costume.

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    Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Costume

    Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Costume
    Pictures of Thrift Store Halloween Costumes Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Costume. Submitted by K. Sexton

    K. Sexton found many of the supplies she need for this project in her closet and a thrift store.

    The head on this scarecrow was created using a foam pumpkin that K carved and then cut to fit on her head.