6 Trendy Thrifted Items Everyone Will Want in 2023

living room with vintage finds

Erin Williamson Design

If your happy place is at the thrift store (or estate sale, church rummage sale, or flea market), you've come to the right place. To kick off the 2023 thrifting season, we've polled secondhand experts on the items that will be super hot this year. You'll want to get your hands on these pieces before they get scooped up! Read on for more details on six thrift finds that are going to reign supreme.

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    Anything Lacquer

    lacquered bamboo dresser

    Sarah Lyon

    Lacquer is majorly in right now, says Virginia Chamlee, author of Big Thrift Energy. "Lacquer is making a big comeback and we'll see more of it in the form of high-gloss walls but also on furniture," she comments. "The bright, postmodern laminate furnishings of the 1980s and 1990s would all be really good candidates to lacquer, and those abound at thrift shops and on Facebook Marketplace."

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    Larger Wood Furniture Items

    wooden storage chest

    Erin Williamson

    Why not invest in a new to you piece of furniture this year? "I think rugs, lamps, and larger furniture pieces like dressers will be huge in 2023, or at least that's what I'm keeping an eye out for," says Imani Keal of Imani at Home. Specifically, dark wood furniture will be having a moment, shares Sarah Teresinski of Redeux Style. "If you’ve ever thrifted before, you know you can find a ton of vintage dark wood at most local thrift stores. Dark and dramatic!"

    Jess Ziomek of Thrills of the Hunt is equally excited about brown furniture having a moment in 2023. "At the estate sales near me lately, the most coveted pieces have been wood armoires, buffets, and dining tables," she says. "I'm thrilled that wood furniture is no longer perceived as dated and as your parents' hand-me-downs."

    And if you spot wooden chairs while you're out, you're going to want to scoop those up, too, Chamlee says. "I think wood seating is going to be really hot in 2023. It's been hot, of course, but in the coming months it will be snatched up the second it hits the floor at Goodwill," she comments. "Specifically, rush chairs or any sort of handcrafted wooden seating made of beautiful, dark woods in interesting shapes."

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    Mirrors of All Kinds

    mirror gallery wall in dining room

    Design: Breegan Jane / Photo: Ryan Garvin

    Mirrors will be big this year, particularly when they're displayed all together in a gallery wall-like format, Teresinksi notes. "Mirrors are always an essential home decor piece, so this is a trend I would like to see become even more popular," she says. "I have a mirror gallery wall that I adore in my home that I created out of all vintage gold mirrors I reworked!"

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    vintage china set

    @lilysvintagefinds / Instagram

    2023 will be the year of the dinner party, says Lily Barfield of Lily's Vintage Finds. So this means it's time to build your china collection. "I think we will see more people picking up beautiful sets at estate sales and thrift stores in 2023, especially since there was a period when fewer people were registering for china when they got married," she says. "Those who skipped on china will be coveting a large, fabulous set! Along with that, you'll also see people thrifting the accompanying serving pieces like trays, chip and dips, and even punch bowls."

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    Vintage Lighting

    vintage globe table lamp

    Mary Patton Design

    "For a while, I felt like I was seeing the same lighting choices used ubiquitously in home design," Barfield says. "This year, people will want their decor to stand out and feel distinct." This means swapping out so-so lighting for artful finds. "They will be looking for unique lighting choices that aren't readily available to the masses," Barfield explains. And there may be a bit of DIY involved, too. "I think you will also see more people thrifting or purchasing vintage and antique jars, vessels, and other items and having them converted into lamps for truly one-of-a-kind lighting," she adds.

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    Items in Rich Hues

    rich accents on wooden bed

    Tyler Karu

    Once you've picked up that piece of wood furniture, you'll want to accessorize it with some richly colored accents. Notes Chamlee, "I believe we are (finally) starting to trend away from the 50 shades of beige palette that has been everywhere for the past few years and veering toward a place rife with more rich hues: chocolate brown, burgundy, ochre. The thrift store is a great place to look for accessories—like coffee table books, small ceramics and vintage textiles—in these hues."