These Plant Stakes Are the Perfect Moss Pole Alternative

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Three potted houseplants in white pots with ceramic plant stakes from Terra Sol Studio proudly displayed.

Terra Sol Studio

If you’re a plant lover like me, then you’ve probably heard about the benefits of using moss poles for your plants at one point or another. For climbing plants like pothos, Monsteras, and many Philodendrons, moss poles help to mimic their natural growing environment where they would attach themselves to trees and climb towards the forest canopy. While many of these plants can still survive and grow quite well without a moss pole, adding a moss pole or support of some kind to their growing setup can help these plants grow to their fullest potential. There's just one problem—moss poles are ugly. 

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing attractive about them, and on top of the visual eyesore, they smell like, well, a mossy forest floor. They can also be difficult to maintain long-term. Ideally, the moss is kept evenly moist and acts as a secondary source of water and nutrition for the plant, which uses its aerial roots to climb and attach itself to the moss. However, sphagnum moss (which is commonly used for moss poles) dries out quickly and needs to be watered often.

Truthfully, while the moss is definitely beneficial and amazing if you are able to stay on top of it, climbing plants have been known to grow and attach themselves to drywall, so moss poles really aren’t the only option when it comes to supporting your vining plants. If none of this bothers you and you are happy to sleep, eat, and live in the companionship of these earthy plant supports then all the power to you. But for some, using another type of support for their plants is the much-preferred option. Enter my newest obsession, the stylish plant support stakes from Tierra Sol Studio.

Tierra Sol Studio Plant Support Stake - The Bobby Pin

A bobby pin-shaped plant stake from Terra Sol Studio in the color Terracotta.

Terra Sol Studio

These ceramic plant stakes are handmade and designed to give your plants extra support, according to the Tierra Sol Studio website. They come in three different shapes and two colors (white and terracotta) so there’s quite a nice variety to choose from. Compared to some trellises, these supports are definitely designed for medium to small-sized plants as they are about 11 inches tall, but according to Tierra Sol Studio, they can also be used to “pin light or heavy leaning plants in place” in addition to supporting vining or climbing plants. 

I tried out all three of their popular ceramic plant support stakes in my houseplant collection—the Bobby Pin, the Wave, and the Loop, all in the terracotta color. Let me tell you, these support stakes are definitely stylish and you can tell that the craftsmanship is high-quality. I liked that the ceramic material is left unglazed as it matched the texture of a lot of my natural terracotta pots. I also love the shapes that they come in, particularly the Bobby Pin, which is super unique and adds an eclectic touch to my plants. Personally, I used all three for vining plants including a small silver sword Philodendron that has desperately been shooting out aerial roots looking for something to climb, a Philodendron brasil, and a cute little Hoya kerrii. I can definitely see how they could be used to prop up leaning or top-heavy plants as well. So far, all of my plants have adapted really well to these supports and the Philodendron brasil has even started climbing it!

A small Philodendron brasil in a orange and blue pot with a terracotta-colored plant stake on a white shelf.

Cori Sears

Aside from their functionality, I really do think that these plant supports double as artistic accents to my houseplants. I’m not usually one to decorate my plants with small knick-knacks or ornaments but even if I didn’t need them for my vining plants, I’d definitely still display these stakes proudly in my houseplants. Plus, I’ve already gotten several compliments on them from my friends and family who have visited recently.

So if you are looking for some stylish plant supports that will blend in seamlessly with your home decor, then the plant support stakes from Tierra Sol Studio are some of the best I’ve come across. The only thing to keep in mind is their size. These stakes come in at under 12-inches tall and are definitely suited for smaller plants. If you need to stake a huge Monstera deliciosa or pothos that is a couple of feet long, then you'll definitely need a different solution. But I’m happy to say that my littlest plants are now growing in style thanks to these ceramic plant supports.

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