7 TikTok Back-to-School Organization Hacks That Will Change Your Life

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The summer months feel long and endless… but before we know it, August is upon us, and the back-to-school traditions begin. With every year comes shifts, tips, and DIY solutions.

From homework help and Pomodoro techniques to technology tips and DIY-notebooks, here are the 7 best back-to-school organization hacks that will undoubtedly change your life (and school year).  

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    Compile Your Notes

    Whether you’re a handwritten person or a typer, having all of your notes in one place is a *vibe.* Especially if you’re someone who has multiple notebooks or writes/types in several different places for one class.  

    The solution: easily combine and organize all of your pages with a DIY notebook! This book can also be a space for parents to preserve their child’s schoolwork/artwork, a make-your-own assignment notebook, or a ‘scrapbook’ to collect items over the year.

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    Upgrade Your Desk Drawers

    As you get ready for the school year, take a peek at the area where you/your child will do homework and restock that baby! Get a plastic divider to create sections for different spaces and refill the sections so that there’s never a lack of items and options.

    This way, when it’s time to get work done, everything is on hand!

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    Clean Up Your Cord Collection

    Does the underside of your desk look like a disaster? Do you have a bunch of electronics that are basically creating a daily fire hazard in your space? Then try this #techhack to hide cords.

    It will cost you less than $5 and actually looks cute, too.

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    Prep & Restock Your School Snacks

    If you’re a parent who really wants to level up his/her back-to-school game, prep your kids’ school snacks in advance. Buy in bulk from your favorite stores and designate area(s) of your fridge specifically for snacks/lunches.  

    This ‘grab-and-go' section is not only convenient, but it provides healthy options without your kids having to bug you each afternoon for what to eat.

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    Upgrade Your Planner Game

    This back-to-school organization hack is next level for anyone who loves planners! Easily transfer a page from an old planner to a new planner by carefully cutting between coils.  

    This way, everything you need—from to-dos to random notes—is all in one place!

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    Maximize Your Printing

    Printing is a big part of the back-to-school routine. From school supplies lists to sources for a research project, chances are, you’re going to print something and eventually your printer will tell you you've run out of (expensive) ink. Here's a tip for what to do when that happens.

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    Organize Your Time Pomodoro-Style

    As you/your family preps for the school year, change your life with the Pomodoro Technique—especially when it comes to studying!  

    For the Pomodoro Technique, you’ll focus on a single task for 45 minutes (without trailing off or losing attention). Write down any distractions that come up and complete those tasks within the 15-minute break. Then, take a short break to reset your mind and start again.  

    PS: While you’re working on the 45-minute segment, you can use a Chrome app, like StayFocused, to help you temporarily remove notifications.  

So, whether you're feeling ready for school or are in desperate need of some back-to-school changes, hopefully, these hacks and ideas will inspire you to get organized!