These TikTok-Famous Sheets Are So Comfy and Cooling

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west elm silky tencel sheets

The Spruce / Amy Sheehan / West Elm

For some reason, it never crossed my mind to invest in luxurious bedding. I preferred to splurge on more obvious and eye-catching pieces, like a lamp or accent chair. But, when I saw one of my favorite cleaning and home gurus, Vanesa Amaro, raving about West Elm’s Silky Tencel Sheets on TikTok, I decided to give it a try. Fast forward to today, and I’ve been using the sheets for over a year — with no plans of going back to my old ways.

West Elm Silky TENCEL Sheet Set & Pillowcases

Silky Tencel Sheet Set

West Elm

For those who aren’t familiar, Tencel is a fiber made from natural, sustainably-sourced wood pulps. A lot of bedding is made from cotton or linen, but Tencel is coveted for its extra softness and breathability. 

As a chronic hot sleeper, the sheets’ cooling qualities were what initially stood out to me. Hopping into bed, the material is immediately cool-to-the-touch. And rather than waking up in the middle of the night to peel off my duvet, covered in beads of sweat, I sleep through the night with ease more often. This is because Tencel is naturally moisture-wicking. So, it’s like sleeping with a constant, cool breeze.

Of course, it only helps that the sheets are uber-soft, too — or, in the rightful words of Amaro, “buttery-soft.” With a reputation of being softer than silk, the sheets had a high standard to live up to. But, they do meet the mark for most part. The bedding has the smoothness of silk without the slipperiness, which is a great balance. And compared to my previous cotton sheets, it’s most definitely an indulgent upgrade.

Don’t confuse the softness for fragility, though. The sheets are durable and virtually wrinkle-free. I’ve put them through the washer and dryer plenty of times over the past year — admittedly, not always on the gentle cycle — and they’ve still escaped without shrinkage and loose threads. In my experience, the material doesn’t pill or crinkle the same way linen or cotton naturally does over time. Plus, these sheets have a sumptuous sheen that has yet to fade — which, on my Adobe Rose colorway, looks especially gorgeous.

Aside from its coolness and softness, I also sleep better knowing Tencel is less harsh on the environment. The material requires less water in its manufacturing process compared to cotton. It’s also biodegradable, since Tencel is made from natural materials. The creator of the fiber, Lenzing, is even committed to reforestation efforts to ensure new growth of trees to replace those that are used to create the product — so it’s as good for me as it is for the planet.

My only complaint with this sheet set is that the pillow covers do slip off slightly when I toss and turn in bed. They’re not secured with a fold-over design or zipper, so the shams require more frequent adjusting. But, other than that, this bedding has made me a happy camper. Wrapping up in these cool, comforting sheets each night is basically a form of sleep self-care, and I’m totally on board.