I Tried These Weird TikTok Cleaning Hacks to Get My Kitchen Spotless

Did they really work? You're about to find out

I tried weird tiktok cleaning hacks to clean kitchen

Photo: Ashley Chalmers / Image Treatment: The Spruce

I don’t know if it’s just the nature of watching quick flashes on a screen, but cleaning TikTok really makes it seem possible to clean your entire kitchen in about five minutes.

I recently spotted this video, and I was incredibly intrigued. In just sixteen seconds, user @purdeyandfigg shows a handful of great cleaning tips, using entirely natural solutions. I needed to know if these TikTok kitchen cleaning hacks work as well as they seem to—so I set off to find out.

Hack #1: Hot Water Can Clean Wooden Spoons

I wasn’t sure about this one, to be honest. Is it great for removing long-term stains, or best for immediately cleaning your spoons after use? I went with the latter, mostly because I didn't have any stained wooden spoons on hand, and plonked two spoons I purposefully used for lunch prep.

Almost immediately, the water changed color and looked pretty dingy and oily, but I think it would have been faster to just wash them with hot, soapy water and a sponge, to be honest. Plus, after they soaked, I still felt like a bit of soap was needed.

Verdict: Yes, this works—but there are quicker alternatives

Wooden cooking spoons soaking in hot water.

Courtesy of Ashley Chalmers

Hack #2: Coffee Grounds Can Deoderize Fridge

I decided to test these hacks out over the span of a weekend, which meant our fridge was mostly leftovers. The shelves were full of take-out, leftover lasagna, and some sort of deconstructed banoffee pie that my daughter made in cookery club. You know, standard family fridge fare.

I filled a small bowl of coffee grounds and set them inside. A few hours later, I returned to grab some water, and I was hit in the face with the smell of fresh coffee grounds. It definitely overpowered all the other scents, but fresh coffee grounds are a strong scent. I’m not sure I preferred this to normal fridge smells. 

Verdict: Sure, if you really like the smell of fresh coffee. 

Coffee grounds to deodorize fridge

Courtesy of Ashley Chalmers

Hack #3: Refresh Your Dishwasher With Baking Soda and Lemon

Our dishwasher came with our rental, and I try not to complain about it. I lived in New York for years and know that a dishwasher is a real luxury. But this one is, bluntly, old and annoying. Half the time, our dishes still come out kind of cloudy. 

I was excited to find out if this hack worked. I followed the video and sprinkled bicarbonate of soda around the bottom, cut a lemon in half, and put the halves on the top shelf. I decided to do a quick cycle (about twenty minutes) and when I opened up the door, it definitely looked better.

The real test would come after the next load, though. After running our next wash cycle, I took a look and…as far as actual functionality goes, I didn’t notice much of a difference. Still, it did seem to do something to the inside, so I’ll call this one a tentative win. 

Verdict: Yes, for a quick spot clean; otherwise, probably not too much of an impact

Using lemon to clean dishwasher

Courtesy of Ashley Chalmers

Hack #4: Use Salt and a Potato to Clean Pans

For this experiment, I might have made a mistake. At first, I questioned if I had a dirty enough pan to use this on. So, I decided to dirty up a baking sheet by roasting broccolini with soy sauce. Delicious, yes, but insanely messy. 

Once the sheet cooled (and we’d eaten all the broccolini), I set to scrubbing it down with a potato and salt. Did it work? Yes, mostly. The hardest spots wouldn’t budge, but it definitely took off a lot of the basic soy stains. Then, I ran it under water, and the white parts were definitely very white. Still, I would much prefer to soak it in the sink and take to it with a sponge. It mostly just felt like a waste of a perfectly good potato.

Then, I went back to the video and realized they were using a potato and salt on a cast iron skillet. My guess is this is a great way to clean cast iron so you don’t lose your patina.

Verdict: Yes, it mostly works, but it’s probably best suited for cast iron 

Using potato to clean cooking dish.

Courtesy of Ashley Chalmers

Hack #5: Descale a Kettle With Water and Lemons

This one had me extremely excited. The water in London is notoriously hard, and limescale wreaks a lot of havoc on our kitchen. I’ve accepted that the inside of our kettle will never gleam again, but this hack looked promising—and extremely easy.

I cut up half a lemon, dropped it in, and boiled a bunch of water. In the end? It looked exactly the same.

Verdict: This didn't work, not even a little bit

Using lemons to descale kettle.

Courtesy of Ashley Chalmers

Hack #6: Use Hot Water and Lemon to Clean Inside the Oven

My boiled water and lemon concoction might not have descaled the kettle, but it wouldn’t go to waste. The final hack in the video is using hot water and lemon to clean your oven. 

First, I poured the hot water into a bowl and dropped two fresh lemons into the water. I figured I could use them to physically wipe the oven—and the ones I’d boiled were way too hot to touch and kind of sad looking.

Next, I grabbed my favorite sponge, dipped it in the hot water, and scrubbed. It was definitely doing something—each time I put the sponge back into the water, a bunch of oven gunk came off. But my oven wasn’t overly clean looking. A few of the stains wouldn’t budge at all. 

Still, it obviously did clean off some of the stains, and it made the door, in particular, look great. 

Verdict: Not too bad, if you’ve run out of actual oven cleaner

Cleaning oven with lemon.

Courtesy of Ashley Chalmers

Final Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I think there are better kitchen cleaning hacks out there. At one point, my husband asked me if these hacks are specifically for people who don't have real cleaning materials on hand—and it's a fair question.

Even so, I loved that these were all-natural solutions, and I do love the citrussy smell that cleaning with lemons leaves behind. But my kitchen wasn’t as sparkling as I’d have liked, and in the future, I don’t think I’ll default to any of these.