10 Tile Designs For Bathrooms

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: Black and White

    Tile Design Black and White
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    Black and white tile designs for bathrooms often veer toward a "clinical" look. But this tile design, from Eleganza, exhibits liveliness, pep, and sophistication.

    Shown here is Eleganza's matte porcelain series called Fusion.

    Featured Company

    Eleganza Tile, with distribution in the United States, Canada and Mexico, is truly a high-end, "elegant" tile company. Formed in 2002, Eleganza is headquartered in Fullerton, California. Eleganza has three retail locations that sell directly to the public, but mainly distributes its tile through dealers. Eleganza provides porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and glass tiles.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: Grooved Sophistication

    tile designs for bathrooms
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    A light embossing that gives this tile a textured-linen look.


    Shown here is a matte porcelain series called Groove, from Eleganza.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: The Lush Life

    Tile Octagon
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    If you're tired of tile designs for bathrooms that look cheap and sterile, you'll love this luxurious, romantic design which employs both matte and polished porcelain tile with a variety of shapes (octagon, square, etc.) and sizes.


    Eleganza Tile's porcelain tile series Barcelona.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: Slate-Looking Tile

    Slate Porcelain Tile
    Slate-Look Porcelain Tile. Copyright Eleganza Tile

    Real slate looks great but doesn't perform well in highly wet areas such as showers. Solution: a porcelain tile that looks like slate.

    Sure, you can buy "slate-looking" tile anywhere, but Eleganza's Digislate line faithfully mimics the look of real slate better than any others out there.


    Eleganza. Digislate Rustic Porcelain.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: Deco in Natural Stone

    Tile Listello Bathroom
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    This intricate bathroom tile design isn't as intricate as it first seems. It's just three types of tiles: Dark Brown 10" x 13" as the field (the bottom area); just above that is a slim Dark Brown Quarter Round 1" x 13"; and then the crowning touch, at the very top, is a Dark Brown Listello 3" x 13".


    Eleganza Tile's Denver glazed ceramic line.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: The Power of The Listello

    Listello. Copyright Eleganza Tile

    Often, you don't need to do much more than add a stand-out listello to make your bathroom tile design. This is a 4" x 12" listello (a listello is the top band) that really does stand out, due to its high contrast and continuous pattern.


    Eleganza Tile. Fiorito.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: Intentional Patterning

    Marble Look Ceramic Tile
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    Take a close look at the tile design for this bathroom. What's unusual about it?

    The typical method of dealing with repetitive tile is to mix them up and set them in four different directions--to break up the pattern.

    But you can also embrace the pattern and repetition, and call it a style. With these marble-looking ceramic tiles, a stately style is created with repetition and by running a 3" by 8" listello through the center.


    Eleganza Tile. Marbella ceramic.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: Glass Mosaic Backsplash

    Glass Backsplash
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    This bathroom tile design is not composed of individual strips of tile. Instead, you're looking at 12" x 12" mesh-backed sheets of glass tile strips. The mesh units interlock to form continuous field tile. Perfect for backsplashes.


    Eleganza's New York line of glass tile.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: Tile That Looks Like Marble

    Tile That Looks Like Marble
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    Another tile design for bathrooms that mimics the look of marble--actually polished porcelain tiles each measuring 12"x24", bisected by a 4" x 12" listello.


    Eleganza Tile's Roman Vein Cut series. Espresso listello.

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    Tile Designs For Bathrooms: More Marble-Like Tile

    Marble Look Ceramic Tile
    Copyright Eleganza Tile

    Ceramic tile that simulates marble.


    Eleganza Tile. Calacatta Vision series.