14 Stylish Tile Patterns for Your Floors

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    These Tile Floors Are Anything But Boring

    Modern bathroom
    Jacek Kadaj / Getty Images

    If your décor is feeling kind of blah and it leaves you scratching your head for a reason, take a look down — your dull old floor tile may be the blame. Luckily, we can help. From traditional materials to edgy patterns, there is a broad range of tile ideas that can take what is underfoot in your home from boring to wow-worthy. So get ready to take things to a chic new level. These tile pattern ideas for floors are just what you need to make a fresh statement.

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    Black Penny Round Tile in Tiny Entryway

    Black hexagon floor tile in entryway
    And Christina

    The wood floor in blogger Christina Blake's entryway was taking a beating. If you are not in the know, wood tends to warp and stain when exposed to moisture over long periods. So she made her small vestibule more resilient with black, penny round tile in porcelain. FYI, compared to ceramic, the latter is a more durability choice for floors. Because busy entryways tend to get dirty quickly, Blake went with black grout to hide grime.

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    Monochromatic Floor Tiles in a Bold Pattern

    geometric graphic floor tile in entryway
    Centered by Design

    These days you will find a wide range of monochromatic, floor tile featuring contemporary graphic patterns. The tiles installed in this mudroom by Centered by Design are an excellent example. The new flooring was paired with white, brick walls to keep the space from feeling too busy.

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    Basket weave Patterned Floor Tile in a Luxurious Bathroom

    basket weave patterned floor tile
    Eva Quateman Interiors

    The basket weave pattern is so-named because it resembles, as you might have guessed, the texture of a woven basket. Here is a superb example in a luxurious bathroom by Eva Quateman Interiors. The water-resistant porcelain tiles are also used to cover the floor, upper wall, and ceiling in the shower stall.

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    Say Hello to This Whimsical Tile Floor

    Bathroom floor tile that spells Hi

    Yes, you can get mighty creative with small floor tiles. Interior designer Pippa Lee, represented by Homepolish used a mix of tiny tiles to create a cheerful greeting on this bathroom floor. Teensy square tiles created the black and white border. The center is a mix of black and white hexagon tiles. And here's another tip worthy of stealing. If you plan to tile you're the walls and floor in your bathroom keep scale in mind. Note the large hexagon tiles on the shower wall. 

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    How to Create Eye-Catching Tile Patterns

    black and hexagon floor tile in entryway
    Tim Barber Limited

    What we love best about penny round tile is its versatility for creating eye-catching designs. Building company, Tim Barber Limited, created the alternating flower and cross pattern floor shown in this mudroom using black and white penny rounds.

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    How to Install a New Floor Tile Without Breaking the Bank

    Shark Tails

    Allison, the Canadian blogger behind the DIY site, Shark Tails gave her outdated bathrooma much needed modern lift with brand new floor tile. The thing is, she did it on the cheap using peel and stick vinyl floor tile in a chic herringbone pattern. The best part, she was able to install over her old linoleum flooring — a new subfloor was not necessary. Talk about a win-win!

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    Patterned Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Real Wood

    Faux Wood Floor
    Brittany Makes

    If you love the look of wood but crave the durability of porcelain tile in your living room, take a gander at this wood tile floorin the home of blogger and designer Brittany of Brittany Makes. While the flooring resembles worn and warm natural, walnut planks, it is actually water and scratch resistant porcelain. Our favorite part? Brittany says her new floors feel like wood underfoot and not like cold tile.

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    Floor Tile That Thinks Big

    large black herringbone floor tiles
    Chango and Company

    Make a statement with oversized tile floor planks in a traditional herringbone pattern. Interior design firm, Chango and Company, did just that in this contemporary, monochromatic laundry room. A soapstone countertop and the charcoal gray grout punctuating the subway tile wall both match the dark floor. The result is a unified look that looks both modern and relaxed.

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    Handmade Encaustic Cement Tiles

    gray tile patterned entryway floor
    Jillian Harris

    Add handcrafted beauty to your entryway with encaustic cement tiles like the ones shown in this foyer by Jillian Harris. The patterns on these handmade tiles were created by adding different marble powders in different colors into a mold to create an eye-popping design. For high traffic spaces, look for encaustic cement tiles rated for high resistance to abrasion.


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    Black and White Checkered Tiles are Both Classic and Timeless

    vinyl checkered tile
    Style by Emily Henderson

    We would be remiss if we did not share the most classic tile pattern ever — black and white checkered as shown in this small Los Angeles kitchen featured on Style by Emily Henderson. The floor was created with inexpensive peel and stick vinyl tiles. Most home improvement stores sell them for less than $2.00 per square foot. To cover the entire floor in this tiny cooking space cost less than $50.

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    Monochromatic Floor Tile Works for a Broad Range of Styles

    chic black and white tile in entryway

    A beautifully decorated entryway always makes a welcoming statement. In this Scandinavian inspired foyer by Homepolish interior designer, Angela Belt, black and white patterned floor tile sets the stage for a mix of modern and rustic wood furnishing. Even though the tile features a bold design, it is monochromatic. That means it can work with a broad range of décor styles and hues.

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    Moroccan Floor Tiles in a Chic Black and White Bathroom

    Moroccan patterned floor tile

    The bathroom just may be our favorite place to see a bold pattern underfoot. Here Homepolish interior designer Stefani Stein installed striking Moroccan floor tiles. Decorative accents from the mirrors to towels pick up the black tone shown in the tile. Doing so creates a sense of balance and cohesion throughout the space.

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    Two-Tone Kitchen With Patterned Floor Tile

    statement making floor tile
    Kelly Martin Interiors

    Blue and white patterned floor tiles punch up this two-tone kitchen by Kelly Martin Interiors. Decor experts agree that every room should incorporate patterns, but because the flooring in this cooking space is so bold, it is the only one in the room. The result is a modern kitchen that does not appear overly designed or visual cluttered.

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    Marble Floor Tile Brings a Layer of Luxury

    marble tile patterned floor in bathroom
    Emily Henderson

    Patterns add visual texture to space, make it more pleasing to the eye. A stellar example is the marble floor tile in this luxurious bathroom by Emily Henderson. The interior designer suggests mixing two different marbles to achieve the same look. One of the tricks to making it all work is sticking to two different tones and combining veining in various sizes.