Time for You Outside of the Home

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    Time for You Outside of the Home

    A picture of a stressed out mom
    Of course, you love your kids. But sometimes you just need a break for yourself. Photo © Steven Errico / Getty Images
    Don't feel guilty about taking time for you. We love our kids, but sometimes we need a little break.

    Pamper yourself with "me" time that gets you out of the house. These indulgences will get you ready for another day of crayon scribbles on the wall, spit up on your favorite shirt and siblings stuck in dual headlocks.

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    Become a Local Volunteer

    Women volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
    As a local volunteer, you can have your hand in many projects. Photo © Getty Images
    Help others while helping yourself. Volunteer for a cause that piques your curiosity.

    From building houses to walking dogs at the shelter, visiting with elderly people to blowing up balloons at charity events, volunteers are always needed to fill important gaps. Volunteer opportunities are easy to find too. They also keep your resume fresh in case you're interested in going back to work some day.

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    Take a Class

    Women paint during an art class
    Learn something new. Take a class!. Photo © Ableimages / Getty Images
    Have you always wanted to take a creative writing or art class? Maybe a philosophy or political science class?

    Sign up for a class that gives you at least one night a week to explore your own interests. Check your local magazines for businesses offering inexpensive lessons. Community colleges offer a full range of classes you can take without spending a fortune. If you're not interested in college credit, ask about courses from the outreach catalog or audit a class at a cost that's much lower than the price of college tuition.

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    Schedule a Moms' Night Out

    Moms eat dinner together
    Enjoy adult conversation with your girlfriends during a moms' night out. Photo © Flying Colours Ltd / Getty Images

    Schedule a moms' night out with your mom friends. Eat dinner. Go bowling. Hit the coffeehouse. Play bingo. Take in a concert. Listen to poetry readings. Attend a play. Moms' night out doesn't have to center around hitting the bars.

    Just remember, no kid talk allowed!

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    Start Exercising

    A woman sits on a yoga ball
    Free your mind with soothing yoga poses over muscle-crunching exercises. Photo © adria.richards / Flickr
    The thought of sweating out your "me" time may not appeal to you, but exercise can be more than an afternoon lifting weights until your muscles melt.

    Make exercise fun so you can stay in shape. After all, the extra energy will help you chase the kids without getting winded.

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    Watch a Movie

    A woman watches a movie
    A bag of popcorn all to yourself. Enjoy a movie alone. Photo © Michael Blann / Getty Images
    When was the last time you saw a movie that wasn't G-rated? Buy some popcorn and a soda for an hour and a half of movie time that doesn't require little kids' potty breaks halfway in between.
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    Escape with a Getaway

    A woman walks on the beach alone
    Take a vacation alone for the ultimate mom refresher. Photo © waytoblue / stock.xchng

    Pack your bags for a kid-free vacation. Your mini-getaway can be as simple as a night in the next town or a few days away hundreds of miles from home.

    Leave the kids with your spouse to take a trip alone or invite your friends on a girlfriend getaway. If grandma can take care of the kids, whisk your spouse off for a romantic adventure.

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    Go Shopping

    A woman surrounded by shopping bags
    Unwind with a shopping trip ... even if it only includes window shopping. Photo © ElvisFan76 / stock.xchng
    Take the credit card along or leave it behind for a quick shopping trip. Window shopping without having to corral the kids is relaxing enough.

    Sad that you can't take all the pretty clothes home with you? Make a wish list to give to your spouse. A gift card may be in your future on your next solo shopping trip.

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    Enjoy a Massage

    A woman gets a massage
    Relax those tired muscles with a massage. Photo © thomaswanhoff / Flickr
    An hour to lie still and think about ... nothing. Sounds heavenly.

    There are many benefits to a massage. Alone time is just one of them.

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    Get a Manicure

    A woman shows off her perfect manicure
    Manicured nails make every mom feel special. Photo © Pink Sherbet Photography / Flickr
    Picking up toys, putting away the dishes and cooking dinner every night wears our nails to bits. Don't bite what's left. Dress them up with a manicure.

    Many beauty schools have manicurists in training so you can get a manicure at a fraction of the cost of a beauty salon's prices. A nail salon or spa may be pricier, but you may be more comfortable going to a professional who's been in business for a longer amount of time.

    Need some extra pampering? Get a pedicure while you're there.

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    Try a Makeover

    A woman gets a makeover
    Feel pretty with a makeover that enhances your natural features. Photo © flaivoloka / stock.xchng
    Moms have about a minute to apply their makeup for the day. Let someone else do it for a change.

    Department stores offer free makeovers. Pull up a chair at any of the store's makeup counters, close your eyes and a cosmetician will take care of the rest.