Time Management Strategies for Busy Moms

Stop Time from Ruling Your Life With Simple Time Management Strategies

The tick tock of the clock feels like it's on fast forward. These time management strategies for busy moms beat that clock with time to spare.

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    Create a Routine

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    Don't feel like the clock is always peering over your shoulder. Beat the clock with simple time management strategies. Photo © JGI / Jamie Grill / Getty Images

    You probably know how important routines are for children. They can be just as important for adults.

    Setting a morning, afternoon and evening routine helps you control the chaos that surrounds you. Your body gets into the rhythm of doing certain activities on a regular schedule without you having to constantly write out a list of reminders.

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    Schedule Downtime

    You can pack every minute of your day with an activity or chore but you'll quickly get burned out. It's very easy to overschedule your family and that includes yourself too. Schedule downtime for yourself where you simply do nothing.

    By having free time during your day, you get to focus on taking time for you. Not only will you love the free time, so will your kids. And by being flexible with downtime, you also allow yourself wiggle room in your time management plan when something...MORE unexpected pops up.

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    Put Your Family to Work

    You can't do everything by yourself. You may be the one who balances the checkbook but do you also have to vacuum, dust, cook, clean up toys, mop the floors and water the flowers?

    Brace yourself. The answer is a resounding NO.

    Delegate chores you can share with your family. Kids can clean their own rooms and do other age-appropriate chores. They can take away some of the load from you at meal time simply by setting the table. Not only does this help you, it also teaches your child valuable...MORE lessons in responsibility. Win-win!

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    Break Up Large Chores

    Procrastination can quickly derail the best intentions. Break up large chores into smaller ones to help you tackle the big projects in pieces. You can work on the chores you're dreading here and there without having to devote a lot of time all at once.

    For those daily chores around the house, put yourself on a housekeeping schedule. By following a few simple housekeeping tips, you'll be better able to clear the clutter and manage the mess. As an added bonus, you'll see minutes...MORE magically appearing back into your day because you'll have all of those pesky chores on a manageable schedule.

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    Combine Similar Tasks

    Stop running around in circles when you could be grouping similar tasks and errands to save time. Combining tasks helps you be more efficient, adding more time into your day.

    Phone calls can be made while you're waiting on your kids outside of school. Bills can be written while you're watching the news. We often block off time in our day for these tasks, ultimately giving away valuable minutes to tasks that can be done while we're doing something else. Look for those spaces in time...MORE when you can combine tasks and make the most of your minutes.

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    Reward Yourself

    You reward your kids when they accomplish their goals. Reward yourself at the end of the day when you complete your own.

    Curl up with a book. Spend time alone with your favorite show. Use rewards that will help you look forward to finishing up your tasks every day.

    Don't skip this one. Managing your time well is a major accomplishment in your day. Whether it's spending time with your favorite hobby or taking a night off to enjoy a girls' night with your mom friends, you deserve a...MORE reward. Now go treat yourself!