Time Management Training for Busy Moms on the Go

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    What's Eating into Your Schedule?

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    Executives get time management training. And moms have much more on their plates than big shots on the corporate level. Time management training tips for busy moms on the go help you better manage the minutes of your continually ticking clock.

    So if you feel like you never have enough "me" time because you're always dealing with dirty diapers, constant cooking and loads of laundry ruling your life, you can still be a great mom without having to pack your family's entire schedule so...MORE full that you never have any downtime for yourself.

    The Time Management for Moms Ecourse is specially designed for busy moms. Work through the course over the next several pages starting below or sign up for the weekly email lessons to pace yourself as you complete each time-saving exercise. Either way, you'll become the master of your minutes without having to constantly look at the clock.

    Start banking your time. The first step is to see what's making the clock spin uncontrollably from one day to the next.

    Track Time Wasters

    Where does the time go? Start tracking your time to find out what exactly is eating both small and large chunks out of your day. Use a simple approach to identify those time-hungry activities you may not even realize are munching into your minutes.

    Time for You = A Happier Mom

    Once you track your time wasters, you can make simple changes to your routine. This opens your schedule up for more "me" time. More time for you equals a happier, healthier mom. Boost your emotional well-being with several ideas to make the most of your newly discovered free time.

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    Save More Time Today

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    Now that you know where your time is going, you're ready to make a game plan. Start shifting the balance of time back to your side today.

    Strategies to Save More Time

    Even Supermom needs a strategy to make the most of her days. Stop Father Time from being your kryptonite. Tackle time management with a plan of action that puts you in control of your day without having to micromanage every minute.

    Find Child Care That's Right for Your Family

    Win the fight against time with help from others....MORE Whether you're a working mom, work-at-home mom or stay-at-home mom, the right child care gives you some much-needed time to get more accomplished.

    Is Mom's Day Out Right for You?

    There's no need to feel guilty about needing some time alone, even if all you plan on doing is clean the house. Mom's Day Out can give you a block of time to yourself that you can count on each week. Babies as young as six weeks are accepted at most programs for as little as one day a week up to every day of the week. Mom's Day Out is usually much less expensive than day care too.

    Join a Babysitting Cooperative

    Swap babysitting time with other parents to clear a few hours of child-chasing from your schedule. No money changes hands in a babysitting coop, making this a perfect option for many parents. Your kids get a play date with other children and you have a few hours to run errands, do household chores or enjoy some downtime.

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    Who Has Time to Cook and Clean?

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    As if taming tantrums, changing diapers and coaxing the kids down from the ceiling fan aren't enough on your plate, you have to cook and clean too. Stop feeling like you always have a frying pan in one hand and a mop in the other.

    Housekeeping Tips for Busy Parents

    What do the Brady Bunch, the Jeffersons and the Jetsons have in common? They all have live-in maids. And they're all fictional families. In reality, there's you. But you don't have to act as your family's maid. Use si...MOREmple housekeeping tips to evict the dust bunnies while saving time on household chores. No maid uniform required!

    Clean the House in 20 Minutes

    Take the 20 minute challenge to get your house ready for company. The kids aren't exempt, either. The tiniest hands can get involved to save you even more time. Grab the stopwatch and let's go.

    Save Time at the Grocery Store

    You can probably recite your family's typical menu from memory. Use those regular meals to create a grocery shopping list that's always ready to go. You'll save time from writing the same grocery lists over and over again. Plus, you'll be able to spot a sale on your family's favorites and you'll know exactly what ingredients your recipes require.

    Spend Less Time on Food Prep

    Cut down your time cruising down the grocery store aisles for tonight's dinner. Keep your kitchen pantry stocked to save time and money. With the right staples on hand, you're ready to whip up almost anything in no time.

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    Beat the Ticking Clock

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    Did you know there are 1,440 minutes in a day and 168 hours in a week? Conquer the tick tock of the clock with a simple plan to get your minutes back.

    Start Adding Minutes Back Into Your Day

    Your To-Do list is never empty. There's always something to do. With a little preparation, you can create a time management plan that helps you prioritize, set realistic goals and get more accomplished in less amount of time. You'll feel like a rock star mom when you can head out on the town with your...MORE girlfriends, have a romantic date with your spouse or simply park it on the couch for the evening without feeling guilty.

    Spend More Time With Your Spouse

    Remember when staying up late was fun, the house was always clean and combing your hair wasn't optional? That was life before kids. Even with tiny people calling you "Mommy," you still have to make time for your spouse. As you develop your time management plan, you'll notice blocks of time are suddenly free. These holes in your formerly-packed schedule are perfect for spending more time with your spouse.

    Girls' Night In Ideas

    Use your time management plan to pencil in a night with your girlfriends. Girls' night in can be what you want it to be -- from a noisy game night to a quiet book club meeting. Time with your friends recharges your mom meter so you're ready to take on whatever tomorrow brings.

    Make Lifelong Mom Friends

    Other moms are a great support network. Now that time is on your side, commit to making lifelong mom friends you can turn to when you need adult conversation during the day or a play date for the grown ups.