Timeless Kitchen Paint Colors and Ideas

pewter kitchen

 Williams Ridout

Picking the best paint colors to use in your kitchen can get confusing. Some experts say when it comes to home value, you should stick to neutral shades. While others state if you are looking to add personality to your space, splashy hues are the way to go. We are here to say it is OK to follow your heart because it is your kitchen after all. To help you pick the best color scheme for your cooking space, here are 28 perfect paint colors and ideas to consider.

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    Pink Kitchens Are Back

    Colombo and Serboli Architecture

    Whether you heart it or hate, it is hardly a big secret that the color pink is one of the hues of the moment. So of course, there is a resurgence of pink kitchens. But we are not talking about spaces overloaded with the favorite shade. This ​cooking space by Colombo and Serboli Architecture gets it right with a single pink wall. The apple green shutter adds a pop of colorful contrast.

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    Monochromatic Kitchen

    Mat red modern kitchen

    This small monochromatic kitchen by Gleba and Stoermer gives us the happy feels. Combing an energizing shade of red with simple flat front cabinetry created a vibrant and thoroughly modern cooking space.

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    Classic White Kitchen

    Drool-worthy modern farmhouse kitchen hero

    If you are concerned about enduring style, a classic white kitchen will stand the test of time. To spice things up, add a few natural elements that will warm up your space. In this white, modern farmhouse kitchen by Holly Mathis Interiors wood shelving and a rattan window shade adds visual interest. A gray kitchen island brings a little depth.

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    Apple Green Kitchen

    apple green kitchen
    JAS Design Build

    Some bright kitchen colors are timeless because of their retro appeal. An old favorite is apple green as shown in this cooking space by JAS Design Build. The hue has a springlike vibe that brings out the beauty of the wood flooring.

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    Lemon Yellow Kitchen

    yellow modern farmhouse kitchen
    Alys Designs

    We cannot think of a happier hue than yellow. Here the team at Alys Designs uses a lemony fresh version of the shade to brighten up vintage kitchen cabinets. Covering the walls and floors with pale hardwood balances the striking paint color.

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    Cobalt Blue Cabinetry

    Meriwether Inc

    Cobalt blue cabinetry punches up this cottage kitchen by Meriwether Inc. Even the fridge got a colorful boost with a custom painted cabinet panel.

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    Hunter Green Kitchen

    hunter green kitchen
    Black Lacquer Design

    We fell in love with hunter green when this gorgeous kitchen by Black Lacquer Design grabbed our attention. Combining the earthy shade with gold fixtures and a white backsplash created a sophisticated cooking space that feels both warm and welcoming.

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    Painted Kitchen Island

    colorful kitchen with orange island
    Vidal Design Collaborative

    A kitchen island painted a shade called Sedona clay perks up a traditional white kitchen by Vidal Design Collaborative. The colorful island beautifully matches the geometric, tile backsplash.

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    Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

    green and blue modern kitchen

    Isabelle McAllister used a bright shade of medium blue paint to spruce up her kitchen cabinets. For a bit of contrast, she added charcoal gray cabinet pulls.

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    Mondrian Inspired Kitchen

    colorful Mondrian inspired kitchen

    Show your true colors by taking your kitchen to the next level with this Mondrian inspired idea by Ande Bunbury Architects. The company used different hues of paint to turn old cabinets into eye-popping storage. 

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    Green and Blue Kitchen

    blue and green kitchen ideas
    Brett Mickan Interior Design

    The color green is everywhere for a good reason. From plants to Pantone's top hue for 2017, green is both a timeless and energizing hue that can make any space in your abode more inviting. In this drool-worthy cooking space by Brett Mickan Interior Design, a dusty green is color blocked with a steely shade of blue.

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    Splash of Pink Paint

    pink kitchen ideas
    Laura Burleson Interiors

    A tiny splash of color can make a huge difference. In this home decorated by Laura Burleson Interiors, light fixtures dipped in pink paint personalize a traditional white kitchen.

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    Soft Blue Cabinetry

    The Shaker Kitchen

    We have all seen those bold, blue kitchens with navy cabinetry. But we bet softer hues of blue will soon be all the rage. Case in point, this two-tone cooking space by The Shaker Kitchen.

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    Mustard Yellow Kitchen

    butter yellow kitchen

    If you crave color behold this mustard yellow kitchen by Jas Design Build. Painting the kitchen island a pale shade of blue anchors the cooking space.

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    Mint Green Kitchen

    pale green kitchen cabinets

    The warm, wood countertops in this cooking space spotted on Sojournal work beautifully with the mint green cabinetry, which was factory painted.  

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    Paint It Black

    Kitchen with pitch black wall
    The Vawdrey House

    Dark walls can add drama to a kitchen when combined with light furnishing. The black wall and white island in this cooking space by The Vawdrey House has a beautifully stunning effect, which makes the room appear bigger.

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    Orange Crush Inspired Kitchen

    bright orange kitchen

    If your kitchen backsplash is just a plain wall, listen up.  As shown in the condo remodeled by Kingstone Builders, a bright coat of paint will make it feel special. 

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    Sea Glass Green Kitchen

    Kitchen with mint cabinets
    Black Lacquer Design

    After we saw this kitchen by Black Lacquer Design, sea glass green became one of our favorite neutral paint colors. When it comes to kitchens, the watery hue feels more modern than light gray or creamy white. 

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    Hello Purple Kitchen

    purple kitchen cabinets
    Lewis Alderson

    Violet is Pantone's color of the year for 2018, so you can expect to see the shade popping everywhere in homes including the kitchen. Here the color steals the show in a two-tone cooking space by Lewis Alderson. The striking hue contrasts beautifully with the mocha walls, wood cabinetry, and navy floor tile.

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    Olive Green Kitchen

    army green kitchen with wood accents
    Williams Ridout

    This vibrant and custom kitchen by Williams Ridout combines wood cabinet fronts with olive, green paint. For contrast, the sparkly backsplash and stainless steel countertop bring on the shine.

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    Teal Kitchen

    Devol Kitchens

    Teal is a timeless paint color that seems to work with both cool and warm shades. In this quirky cooking space by Devol Kitchens, the hue brings a retro twist to the table. 

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    Lime Green Kitchen

    Kitchen with lime cabinets

    A bright pop of lime green invigorates this classic black and white kitchen by Kropat Interior Design. We adore this idea because only several features are in the bold shade. So when it is time for a change, painting them a new color will not be a big deal.

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    Soothing Paint Color

    Dove gray kitchen
    JAS Design Build

    Create the tranquil kitchen of your dreams by painting your cabinets a soothing shade of bluish, light gray. When building this cooking space for a family of foodies, JAS Design Build selected a hue called tidewater for its calming effects.

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    Turquoise Kitchen

    Turquoise Kitchen Brooklyn
    Chad McPhail Design

    Paint can perk up an old kitchen without the hassle or expensive that comes with remodeling. Our favorite example is this cooking space in a Brooklyn apartment decorated by Chad McPhail Design. A fresh lick of turquoise color enlivens the walls and cabinetry. 

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    Combine Neutral Colors With Interesting Texture

    neutral kitchen loaded with texture
    Godrich Interiors

    Playing it safe with a neutral wall color in your kitchen does not have to feel dull. To kick these gray painted walls up a notch, Godrich Interiors layered on texture. The glossy subway tiles and sparkly countertops bring on the shine. The wood cabinetry boosts visual interest. Topping it all off are pendants lights with contrasting cord colors.

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    Best Ceiling Paint

    yellow kitchen ceiling
    Tara Seawright Interior Design

    Add an unexpected burst of upbeat color to your cooking space with ceiling paint. Gel paint, which drips less than other types of interior paint brightened the ceiling in this white kitchen by Tara Seawright Interior Design.

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    Consider Mat Kitchen Cabinet Paint

    Turq with natural wood in kitchen
    To Do Something

    When painting your kitchen cabinets a spanking new shade, consider this tip from the design team at To Do Something. If you are looking to hide dings and other defects use a flat, matt paint. Unlike glossy options, it makes surface imperfections less noticeable because it does not reflect light directly.

    In this kitchen, painted maple cabinets and black walnut wood accents are a winning combination. Mini, black subway tile adds shine.

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    Vintage Inspired Kitchen

    pewter kitchen
    Williams Ridout

    This adorable, small kitchen by Williams Ridout combines timeless paint colors with bright appliances to create a vintage-inspired space brimming with enduring style. The walls are a shade called decorators white. The cabinets got a lick of dark pewter paint. The shiny, red fridge and matching espresso machine enliven the space.