Timothy Thiele

Timothy Thiele is an IBEW Local #176 Union Electrician. In 1986, he joined the union and entered a four-year apprentice school. After completing four years of schooling and on-the-job training, Tim achieved journeyman wireman status. His 30 years of electrical work has involved residential, commercial and industrial wiring.


Timothy started out wiring new homes in order to learn the basics of the simple circuits and then moved into the commercial and industrial wiring segments. Through training and hands-on experience, Tim has learned to analyze circuit problems, repair electrical problems and complete new installations.


Timothy has an Associates Degree in Electronics from Kankakee Community College in Kankakee, Illinois. He completed a four-year apprenticeship from the IBEW Local #176 in Joliet, Illinois. Tim has been taught by experienced electricians and has also taught new apprentices the trade. During the course of employment, Timothy has worked for various contractors as a worker and a foreman.

Timothy Thiele

Having been an electrician for 30 years, I've often been asked for advice on how to install, replace and troubleshoot electrical systems and devices. Through years of training and exposure to many electrical problems, I will attempt to give you easy, step-by-step guides for installing, replacing and maintaining your electrical system and devices. I will focus on safety and do-it-yourself projects that will have you doing electrical projects like a professional!

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