15 Inspirational Tiny House Kitchens

tiny home kitchen with blue cabinets a geometric staircase and white countertops


A tiny kitchen, despite its small size, can still have big personality and style. From bright cabinets to modern wood accents, bold light fixtures, and streamlined appliances, you get all the impact of a large kitchen in a shrunken-down size (which, lucky you, means less to clean). Whether you’re designing your own tiny house or you just can’t resist taking a peek at them, these tiny house kitchens will inspire you to add function, style, and smart storage solutions to your space, whether it's big or small.

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    Two-Tone Cabinets

    tiny home kitchen with skylights and two-tone cabinets


    Skylights flood this tiny house kitchen from @westcoastinyhome with natural light that brightens the beautiful two-tone cabinets. You can never go wrong with thoughtful touches like wood floating shelves, marbled white countertops, framed album covers, and dried flowers.

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    Full Wall Subway Tile

    tiny home kitchen with green subway tile and white shiplap


    White subway tile may be a timeless choice, but this deep green tile offset by white shiplap brings complexity and richness to a small space. This tiny home kitchen from @butikevlersapanca blends rustic accents like hanging mugs and a shiplap ceiling with elevated touches like a gold faucet and matte black hardware.

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    Chic & Cozy

    Tiny house kitchen with bright blue cabinets and leather hardware


    The cheerful cabinets in this tiny home kitchen will leave you feeling blue—but only in the best way. Cozy and inviting with stylish touches like hanging Edison bulbs and leather pull-tabs on the cabinets (and that amazing wood burning stove), this inviting, airy space by Cornwall-based @pumphreyandweston will have you feeling more relaxed just looking at it.

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    A Tiny Kitchen With Full-Sized Appliances

    Tiny kitchen with full-sized appliances

    Tiny Home Builders

    This dreamy kitchen from Tiny Home Builders has plenty of storage and a large sink and refrigerator. The waterfall wood ceiling is an amazing focal point, and the space proves there’s no such thing as too many plants, especially when a space is brimming with natural light like this kitchen is.

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    Scandinavian Sensibility Meets Mid-Century Modern

    midcentury modern minimalist tiny home kitchen

    Live Klein

    Danish architecture meets tiny living in this streamlined kitchen from klein. There’s no need for a ton of space when every inch of it is thoughtfully designed to have both form and function. The flat-panel cabinets look clean and modern and the kitchen has a sturdy craftsmanship to it that optimizes usable floor space.

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    A Bright Tiny Kitchen

    tiny house kitchen with dark wood accents

    Mint Tiny House Company

    Step into this light-filled tiny house kitchen from Mint Tiny House Company with its beautiful gas stove and room for a cozy breakfast nook. The dark wood tones offset by bright white cabinetry and shiplap walls add a dose of chic warmth that’s as usable as it is inviting.

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    Shiplap Walls & Huge Windows

    airy tiny home kitchen with white cabinets

    Tay & McKay

    Thoughtful touches like mismatched blue stools and a dramatic yet effortless light fixture makes this tiny home from Tay & Mckay an inviting space that marries mid-century modern style with Scandinavian minimalism (and speaking of marriage, it just so happens to be designed and built by husband and wife team, Taylor and Michaella). The large, paneless windows and glass door allow the space to be bathed in light.

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    Green Cabinetry With Wood Accents

    tiny home kitchen with avocado green cabinets

     Modern Tiny Living

    Avocado green appliances may feel retro, but using this hue on cabinets is modern and unexpected thanks to the space's other features. Offset with both rustic and industrial touches like matte black hardware and a deep farmer's sink, the colorful cabinets add depth and interest to this small, highly functional tiny house kitchen by Modern Tiny Living.

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    A Tiny Kitchen With Flat-Panel Cabinets

    a tiny home kitchen with light wood and clean lines

    Build Tiny - Hilltop Tiny House

    Airy and bright are the two words that come to mind when when looking at the Hilltop Tiny House from Build Tiny. Black window trim adds a modern touch to an open and uncrowded kitchen filled with casual ease and elegance. Instead of traditional hardware, the cabinetry has a seamless look with built-in hand-pulls.

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    Clean Lines

    tiny home with upper ledge and dark trim/cabinets


    Clean lines and wooden accents add a sophisticated warmth to this tiny house kitchen from @lifewithluwan. With functional storage, a barn door, and a smart fold-out surface for additional food prep space, every inch is as functional as it is pretty.

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    Geometric Lines & Gold Hardware

    tiny home kitchen with blue cabinets and white marble with wood accents


    Geometric lines, arched shelving, and a bulbed chandelier add interest to this gorgeously streamlined space from Handcrafted Movement. This is their Sanctuary model, and it has beautiful teal cabinetry, a black and gold faucet, and gold hardware including the luxuriously industrial upper stair rail.

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    A Tiny Kitchen on a Bus

    A converted schoolbus kitchen with clean lines and a white ceiling


    Flat-paneled cabinets crafted from light wood lend a smooth, sleek look to this minimalist kitchen from @littletinybigbus. Large windows and gossamer curtains let light flood the sweet space, and small accents like cascading plants and a salt lamp make this feel like home.

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    Wood-Paneled Walls

    a tiny house kitchen constructed primarily of wood


    Cabin vibes abound in this tiny dwelling from @verynicetinyhouse. Rustic and cozy, the kitchen accommodates all the pint-sized appliances you'll need, including a retro red refrigerator, and the open shelving allows personal items to become part of the charming decor.

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    A Tiny Home with a Full-Size Refrigerator

    a tiny house kitchen with wood cabinets and full size appliances


    Every inch of space from below the refrigerator to above the wood barn door is used thoughtfully in this tiny home from @tiny_house_lifestyle. Grainy wood countertops add length and interest to the small space, and there's even enough room for a larger refrigerator.

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    A Geometric Backsplash

    A tiny home kitchen with a geometric backsplash


    Shiplap walls and a geometric backsplash bring optic length and depth to this tiny home kitchen from Portland, Oregon-based custom tiny home company @tinyheirloom. A hood range and gas stove make the small space feel elevated as it seamlessly flows into a cozy living room with fireplace.