25 Tiny House Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

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Tiny homes have a lot of benefits: they're eco-conscious, cost-effective, and very cute. Unfortunately, tiny home living also has its challenges. You have to forfeit many material norms, and you definitely have to forfeit certain luxuries. And while living in a smaller space means you inevitably have less room for storage, a little bit of creativity can go a long way.

Make the most of your square footage and enjoy tiny house life with these 25 clever tiny house storage ideas.

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    Swap Your Oversized Drawers for Small Baskets

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    A deep, oversized drawer can be so satisfying, but is it the most practical way to stay organized? This tiny home owner chose to swap out their oversized drawers for a set of small baskets so every item could have a proper place.

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    Install Some Corner Shelves

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    Corner shelves are a staple when it comes to tiny home storage. They don't get in the way, they're affordable, and they're relatively quick and easy to install. Walk through your tiny home or review your building plans and add these wherever there's a free spot.

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    Use Stairs as Shelves

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    Tiny home storage requires looking at common areas of your home with a new perspective. Stairs, for instance, have so much potential for storage if you are open to seeing it. Consider converting a portion of your stairs into shelving. This minor change is both practical and beautiful.

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    Roll Your Towels

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    One norm you may need to abandon in your tiny home is a hallway linen closet. When there isn't space to stack your towels and other linens, you have to try something new. This clever tiny home owner rolls their towels to save on storage space.

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    Use the Bar Top as a Desk

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    If you work from home, a simple way to increase your storage space is to sacrifice your office. Use a bar top or small dining table for work instead. Any space that would have served as your home office can house extra cabinets, drawers, and other clever storage solutions.

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    Hang Soap Dispensers

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    We love a shower shelf, but tiny homes can't always accommodate them. Instead, hang a sleek soap dispenser like this one. The matching set of dispensers will also look much cleaner than bright, store-bought alternatives.

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    Add a Pouf or Ottoman

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    Living rooms are typically quite narrow in tiny homes, so there isn't always space to add more seating. Instead, purchase a pouf or an ottoman with a storage compartment. This can serve as an extra seat or footrest, and it could add some more tiny home storage space too.

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    Swap the Dining Table for Bar Seating

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    Dining rooms are typically left out of tiny home designs, but if you'd like extra countertop space for meals, work, and even storage, consider adding a bar top. This versatile design from Paradise Tiny Homes offers some great inspiration.

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    Hang Your Pots and Pans

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    Pots and pans are not easy to stow in a cabinet, no matter the size. Instead, install some hooks in your kitchen where you can hang these bulky items. Save your cupboards and drawers for other kitchen essentials.

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    Install Pull-Out Cabinets

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    Deep cabinets are ideal in theory, but in a tiny home you'll find pull-out cabinets far more practical. For example, this skinny, pull-out shelf is perfect for cans and jars and a set of slender storage containers.

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    Create Built-in Storage Under the Stairs

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    In addition to your stairway shelves, add some extra cabinet space in your stairs as well. In this example from Teacup Tiny Homes, every square inch is used.

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    Install a Skinny Shelf for Spices

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    The perfect home for your spice collection is likely not in a cabinet or drawer. Reserve those storage spaces for larger items and install a skinny shelf for spices instead. This adorable tiny home pairs the clever storage solution with a set of magnetic spice tins above the fridge.

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    Add Drawers Under the Sofa

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    If you have to (or want to) build a custom sofa for your tiny home, use this opportunity to add more storage too. This design from Summit Tiny Homes provides comfy seating and a set of drawers underneath.

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    Buy a Blanket Ladder

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    Not every storage solution has to involve lumber and screwdrivers. Some are far simpler, and this is one of them. For a little extra storage, and some aesthetic appeal, add a blanket ladder in your tiny home living area.

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    Add a Desk in Your Loft

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    In many tiny homes, office space is often traded for additional square footage in more well-trafficked areas like the living room or kitchen. However, small changes can make all the difference. This tiny home owner was able to add a desk for storing office supplies and working remotely.

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    Choose a Sectional Instead of a Sofa

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    When you don't have the space to add more seating in your living area, swap your sofa for a sectional. Not only will this allow for more people, but if you purchase or build a sectional with a storage compartment, it can add more tiny home storage space as well.

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    Add a Bathtub Tray

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    There are plenty of tiny homes without tubs, but if you are lucky enough to have one, a simple bathtub tray is a great way to add some additional storage space. Not to mention, it's awfully luxurious when paired with bath salts, a cup of tea, and a good book.

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    Fit a Cutting Board Into the Sink

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    For the foodies out there, tiny home living often necessitates less counter space in your kitchen. Fortunately, there's a simple way to increase your available counter space and add storage: a cutting board insert over the sink. You'll have more room to chop and can also store items in the sink underneath.

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    Purchase a Rolling Shelf

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    If you're looking for a catch-all storage solution in your tiny home, consider a rolling shelf. You can use this addition for books, keys, lotion, tissues, and more. Store it under your bar top, beside the couch, behind a door, or all of the above.

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    Hang Your Kitchen Goods

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    When you're running out of storage space in your kitchen, look to the walls. Add a set of simple hooks for storing items like cutting boards, bagged fruits and veggies, spatulas and spoons, or whatever else you use on a regular basis.

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    Add a Shower Seat/Shelf

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    When you don't have room to install a shower shelf in the wall, what about a shower seat? This simple buy is so versatile (not to mention comfortable). Plus if you buy the right one, it could include a little shelf underneath for more tiny home storage.

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    Add a Lazy Susan in the Kitchen

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    Lazy Susans are anything but lazy. No more digging through a deep cupboard to find expired items and surprise spills. This nifty addition to your tiny home kitchen will make accessing canned goods, bowls, jars, or whatever else you choose to store so simple.

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    Buy a Free-Standing Island

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    Adding a free-standing island to your kitchen can check off so many boxes. With this single buy, you'll add more counter space, more drawer space, a dining area, a makeshift office, and so much more.

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    Skip the Hangers

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    Many tiny homes aren't able to accommodate closet space for clothes, but if you'd rather not stuff your blouses into a drawer and risk the wrinkles, this is a great alternative. Hang your tops, sweaters, scarves, and other clothing items with a collection of clips to save on tiny home storage space.

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    Use the Windowsill

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    Little changes matter when it comes to storage, especially in a tiny home. If you're looking for opportunities to add more shelf space, simply extend your windowsills out a few extra inches. This is the perfect spot for books, coffee cups, and more.