hOME: A Tiny House You Can Build for Less Than $33,000

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    hOME: A Tiny House That Lives Large

    Tiny House Build Exterior
    Tiny House Build

    I recently found another small dwelling on wheels that totally blows my mind. It's called ​hOMe, and it was designed and built by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison.

    This smart pint-sized house is 28 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. It packs 221 square feet of floor space plus it has a 128 square foot sleeping loft.

    Unlike most tiny houses I've seen that appear more rustic than contemporary, hOMe has a modern, big house feel. But here's what makes this mobile abode super impressive — it cost...MORE less than $33,000 to build. The amount includes the cost of all the interior features this place packs like appliances and custom built storage cabinets. It took four months is make this clever compact home, and it's all documented on the Morrison's blog, Tiny House Build.

    You can see my favorite hOME features on the following pages. I also share where you can purchase this small space's building plans.


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    hOME: A Staircase That Doubles as Storage

    Tiny House Build Cubby Staircase Storage
    Tiny House Build

    This micro home includes a few features found in much larger homes like an easy set of stairs, instead of a clumsy ladder, that leads to the sleeping loft.

    The stairs also double as storage cubbies. They provide a convenient spot to stash entryway items. 

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    hOME: A Fully Equipped Kitchen

    Tiny House Build Kitchen
    Tiny House Build

    Nope, the Morrison's, the couple who built this tiny house did not skimp when it came to the kitchen. Not only is the room spacious, but it also boasts full sized appliances including a cooktop oven, blender, and refrigerator. The kitchen also packs a wine fridge, which is a nice little luxury even in much larger homes. 


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    hOME: What Makes This Home Feel Much Larger?

    Tiny House Build Interior
    Tiny House Build

    Three key features make this tiny home feel much bigger. The high ceiling and window placements gives the mobile abode a bright and spacious feeling. The built-in cabinetry keeps everyday items tucked away, so the small space doesn't feel cluttered. 

    If you want to build your own spacious tiny hOMe, you can find a free seven-day e-course on the Morrison's site Tiny House Build.

    You can also buy the building plans for this wee modern dwelling on wheels here.  Prices range from $99 for a...MORE SketchUp layout to a total package that includes detailed architectural plans for $299.