33 Small Shower Ideas for Tiny Homes and Bathrooms

small bathroom in a tiny home

The Spruce / Francesca Maiolino

Squeezing a shower into a tiny house bathroom with teensy square footage is undoubtedly challenging. But we are happy to report it is not impossible. From wet rooms to pint-size stalls the following ideas demonstrate with a little creative thinking, you can pack a lot of practical function, and style too, into a small footprint.

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    Corner Tub

    corner tub with corner shower
    Tiny Heirloom

    A bitsy, corner tub carves out a spot to shower in a ridiculously stylish bathroom designed by Tiny Heirloom. In this particular home, placing the bathing area in the corner created extra room for a vanity.

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    Frameless Glass Shower Door

    walk in shower stall next to toilet
    New Frontier Tiny Homes

    Many pint-size shower stalls skimp on style. But the one in this micro home built by New Frontier Tiny Homes is all things wonderful from the pebble floor tile to the slate walls. The frosting on the cake is the frameless glass door. Because it does not obstruct space visually,  the glass door imparts a sense of airiness.

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    Rethink Your Bathroom Vanity

    angled sink in tiny house bathroom
    Liberation Tiny Homes

    Streamlining the bathroom vanity in this house built by Liberation Tiny Homes created space for a standard size shower stall. The unique shape of the cabinet allows the glass door to open fully.

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    Rustic Wood Tub

    tiny shower in wood bucker
    Chris and Malissa

    The Tack House built by Chris and Malissa Tack is a 140 square foot towable home with an insanely small bathroom. To add a little character to their bathing nook, they installed a rustic-inspired, wood tub instead of a traditional shower pan.

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    Upgrade a Builder-Grade Shower

    builder grade shower in tiny house bathroom
    Mint Tiny House Company

    While a small, builder-grade shower could work in a teensy bathroom, it can be a little blah when it comes to stylish utility. Upgrading the standard showerhead and adding a glass storage shelf as shown in this example by Mint Tiny House Company can give an inexpensive enclosure a spa-like vibe.

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    Large Format Tile

    tiny bathroom in Kanga house
    The Kanga Tiny House

    A long, narrow shower stall conveys spacious in this 200 square foot home called​ The Kanga Tiny House. The large format wall tiles stacked horizontally enhance the roomy feeling. 

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    Shiplap Bathroom

    shiplap tiny house shower stall
    Hogan's Haven

    You do not have to stick with tile when personalizing a shower surround. The couple who built this tiny house dubbed Hogan's Haven chiseled out a place to shower using a child-sized tub and shiplap walls. If you plan to do the same, we suggest waterproofing your walls with a marine-grade wood sealer.

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    Create a Wet Room

    shrimpy bathroom with toilet sink
    Hammer and Hand Construction

    How do you fit a shower in a shrimpy bathroom that barely measures nine square feet? The remodeling experts at Hammer and Hand Construction made every precious millimeter count by turning this space into a wet room. The latter is a waterproof bathroom with a barrier-free shower. Another space-saving feature worth mentioning is the tiny, toilet top sink on the right.

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    Sit Down Shower

    mini tub and shower in tiny house
    Tiny House Scotland

    If you like to shower while soaking, you will love this idea by Tiny House Scotland. The builders constructed a riser in the tiny bathroom to accommodate the depth of the small tub. Above it is a handheld showerhead that makes rinsing off soap a snap. 

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    Copper Bathroom Fixtures

    copper fixtures in tiny house bathroom
    Mint Tiny House Company

    Copper fixtures and subway tiles give the fun-size shower stall in this diminutive dwelling by Mint Tiny House Company a heaping dose of modern farmhouse style. 

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    Doorless Shower

    Round window tiny house bathroom
    Wind River Tiny Homes

    Is your small bathroom both long and narrow? Consider separating the tub from the shower as shown in this space by Wind River Tiny Homes. On the right is a skinny built-in tub. On the left near the toilet is a doorless shower. 

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    Curved Corner Shower Stall

    curved shower stall in tiny house bathroom
    Tiffany Blue Eyes

    At first, it was tough for us to believe that this seemingly spacious bathroom spotted on Tiffany Blue Eyes, is inside a tiny house that is less than 200 square feet. The feature that makes the most of the limited square footage is the curved, corner shower stall. 

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    Tiny Claw-Foot Tub

    claw foot tub with shower tiny house
    Timber Craft Tiny Homes

    A mini claw-foot tub doubles as a place to shower in this small house on wheels by Timber Craft Tiny Homes. Tubs similar to this one start at around 37-inches long.

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    Stainless Steel Shower

    steel wall shower stall
    Liberation Tiny Homes

    A stainless steel shower steals the show in this towable dwelling by Liberation Tiny Homes. In this instance, using galvanized steel sheets to cover the entire stall was significantly cheaper than tiling. Because smooth, stainless steel sheets can be slippery when wet, a removable cedar mat covers the shower pan. 

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    Tiny Bathroom Built for a Family

    mixed tile n tiny house bathroom shower
    Tiny House Building Company

    Some fun-sized homes designed for young families like the 32 foot ​long Patriot by Tiny House Building Company need to pack a lot of utility into a small bathroom. To better accommodate small children the bathing area combines a 36-inch RV tub perfect for kids with an adult-sized shower. For a pop of modern farmhouse style, the custom shower surround features wood-look tile.

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    Claw-Foot Shower Pan

    shower in treehouse
    Treebones Resort

    The Autonomous Tent at Treebones Resort is a permanent 500 square-foot structure that overlooks the ocean in Big Sur, California. Besides the spectacular views, the off-grid dwelling has a free-standing, vintage-inspired shower stall with a claw-foot shower pan.

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    Porcelain Bathroom Tile

    stone tiny house shower stall
    Wind River Tiny Homes

    The Chimera is a tiny abode on wheels by Wind River Tiny Homes that is chock-full of stylish function. The dwelling's modern bathroom features a small shower with porcelain tile and a custom wood shower pan.

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    How to Customize a Fiberglass Shower Stall

    Fiberglass shower with black fixtures
    Tiny Life Construction

    If you are seeking a way to beautify a builder grade shower stall without remodeling, behold this idea from Tiny Life Construction. The builders replaced the generic fixtures with a black shower head, and an oil rubbed bronze temperature valve. The finishing touch is a coordinating drain cover.

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    Vertical Garden Wall

    garden wall shower stall
    Tiny Heirloom

    When it comes to style, plants can bring an itty-bitty bathroom to the next level. Here a vertical garden greens up the shower in a micro home by Tiny Heirloom.

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    Wheelchair Accessible Shower

    galvanized steel tiny house bathroom
    Wheel Pad

    Accessibility is another reason to love wet rooms. The bathroom in this 200 square foot dwelling called the Norwich Model by Wheel Pad was designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

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    Shower Sink Combo

    sink in shower stall
    Clothesline Tiny Homes

    When you do not have the floor space to spare for all the bathroom amenities consider this idea by Clothesline Tiny Homes. The couple who built this DIY house installed the bathroom sink in the shower.

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    Rustic Wet Room

    Wet bathroom with bench toilet
    Mitchcraft Tiny Homes

    Here is another example that proves you do not have to sacrifice floor space for a shower if you turn your bathroom into a wet room. In the Bookworm House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes, corrugated steel sheets cover the shower surround. The wood walls are waterproof thanks to a marine-grade wood stain. Durable quarry tiles create a watertight floor.

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    Spice Up an Acrylic Shower Stall

    steel bucket sink in tiny house bathroom
    84 Lumber

    Wondering how to dress up an acrylic shower surround? Try updating the things around it. In this towable dwelling called Countryside by 84 Lumber an inventive vanity that includes a metal bucket, pulls focus away from the plain-Jane shower stall.

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    Skylight Over Shower

    tiny house shower with skylight

    tiny house shower with skylight

    A glass ceiling makes using the compact shower in this small one-bedroom home by Cyril Chênebeau Architects an exhilarating experience. The skylight beautifully frames a nearby tree.

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    Clever Shower With Storage

    galvanized walls tiny house bathroom
    Tiny House Giant Journey

    We worship small space ideas that include useful storage solutions like this micro shower stall built by the duo behind Tiny House Giant Journey. The shower pan is actually a tiny square tub. The little nook it created made room for a DIY storage unit.

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    Add Style With Ceramic Tile

    charcoal tile in tiny house bathroom
    Perch and Nest

    In this 300 square foot home by Perch and Nest, ceramic tile adds personal style to a small shower stall. The old-timey inspired window boosts the chic factor.

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    Black Wall Tile

    narrow black tile shower
    Studio Alexander Fehre

    Black tile adds a luxurious touch to this micro-apartment by Studio Alexander Fehre. The palm frond's wallpaper on the opposite wall provides a beautiful view.

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    Mix and Match Tile

    mixed tile shower stall in tiny house bathroom
    Driftwood Homes USA

    When it comes to tiling a small shower, mixing different styles will keep things interesting. In the Indigo Tiny Home designed and built by Driftwood Homes USA, ceramic subway tile (installed vertically) and marble hexagon tile (on the floor) are a fetching blend.

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    Galvanized Tub Shower

    Steel tub shower
    Tiny Heirloom

    A tall, galvanized steel tub, which you can pick up at most home improvement stores for around $40 or less, doubles as a shower pan in this modestly sized bathroom designed by Tiny Heirloom. Covering the shower walls are two different types of tile: wood plank porcelain, and square mosaic ceramic.

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    Off The Grid Shower

    tiny corner shower stall with gray tile
    HiLife Media

    Mark and Lucretia Worster built their 240 square foot vacation home on a small slice of paradise in Volcano, Hawaii. The 100 percent off the grid dwelling featured on HiLife Media has a tiny corner shower covered with two different types of tile. The partially open stall has a half wall to protect the rest of the space from splashing. A rainwater catchment system collects the water for bathing.

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    Spruce Up a Shower Bucket

    bucket tub copper shower fixtures
    Free Range Tiny Homes

    In an adorable pint-sized cottage by Free Range Tiny Homes, a modest wood tub functions as a shower pan. To prevent wet feet from slipping the bottom of the bucket was covered with smooth pebble tile, which feels great underfoot.

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    New Twist on Subway Tile

    subway tile and wood walls in shower stall
    Wishbone Tiny Homes

    Sure, you can keep things simple with basic subway tile. But if you are looking to give your bathroom a fresh twist, consider this idea by Wishbone Tiny Homes. The lower half of this stall is covered in wood protected by a marine-grade wood stain.

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    Winning Combination

    hero tiny house bathroom with gray tile
    Backcountry Tiny Homes

    When it comes to small bathrooms, lots of natural light and a beautiful shower surround are always a winning combination. In this towable cabin by Backcountry Tiny Homes a horizontal window and stone subway tile get the job done. Covering the shower pan is a wood slat mat.