10 Festive Holiday Décor Ideas for a Tiny Home

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    Small on Space, Big on Christmas

    Living in a tiny home can have its advantages. You’ll downsize to only the items that you really, truly need and care about. If it’s an RV or camper, you can pick up and leave at a moment’s notice and voyage to fun destinations. And you can say goodbye to a mortgage.

    A tiny home can pose some challenges, though, and a big one is décor. How can you show off your style on so little space? If you particularly enjoy the holidays, you might be wondering how you’re going to decorate and still have room to move around.

    Whether you live in a tiny home, RV, trailer or simply a very small house that’s not necessarily “tiny,” it takes some ingenuity and thinking outside the box to create a heartwarming, celebratory feel in your living space. These photographers and tiny homeowners, like Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey (love those classic rainbow lights!) have gotten very imaginative with their holiday décor. Here are 10 ways to spruce up your diminutive home this season.

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    Choose a Cozy Color Palette

    There’s one design trick that never requires more space, and it’s a color palette. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large house if you choose items that all have complementary hues. Mallory & Justin (also of @wheres.mal.now and @malloryandjustin ) have picked colors for their camper’s holiday décor that are nontraditional, but still communicate a cozy, cabin-like vibe in browns, greens, whites and light woods.

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    Open Up Your Festivities to the Outdoors

    If you’re hosting a Christmas gathering and you’re concerned about space (how are you going to fit 20 people in your itty-bitty camper?), you can always take things outside and make it look festive, too. This cute camper, shot by Cindy Loughridge and featured on Sfgirlbybay, is all ready for holiday libations, and it looks positively joyful with its red berry wreath, string lights and trees.

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    Put Up an Alternative Christmas Tree

    There’s no rule that says that you’re required to put up a traditional Christmas tree, especially if there’s not enough room in your tiny home. There are plenty of ideas for alternative trees out there, like putting one up on a wall with string lights. Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey used a strand of LED lights and a few favorite ornaments to craft her wall-mounted Christmas tree.

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    Create a Snuggled-Up Seating Area

    Katie and Eric of Mountain Modern Life travel the country in their camper, and their holiday décor is certainly impressive. They managed to set aside a special holiday seating area in their camper, complete with plaid curtains, soft textiles, a tree and an adorable, seasonal sign. It doesn’t take a lot of room to make an inviting seating area of your own.

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    Use Every Square Inch in Inventive Ways

    It’s amazing what people can do with a bus nowadays, such as turning one into a tiny home on wheels. The Long Weekend Bus Company went seasonal chic with their bus and thought of a clever way to decorate an unexpected spot: the backseat. It goes to show that there isn’t a square inch of a small home that can’t be decorated.

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    Bring in Cherished Objects

    Just because you live in a tiny home doesn’t mean you can’t display family heirlooms. Mallory & Justin hung up some sentimental items for the holidays, like a couple stockings and an antique map. Pick the pieces that mean the most to you and give them a place of honor in your tiny home.

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    Set Up a Wintry Campsite

    Are you parking your tiny home for the holidays? You can set up a completely magical campsite with only a few seasonal items, like red buffalo-check textiles, an outdoor rug, a warm, plaid throw blanket and lit-up greens, which is how Katie and Eric of Mountain Modern Life decorated their campsite.

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    Weave in Bits of Greenery

    You don’t need a lot of room to include fresh greens in your holiday décor. You can wrap them around doorways, tuck them around shelf keepsakes or simply hang a piece or two on the wall. Mallory & Justin decorated with plenty of pine boughs around their camper.

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    Go Vintage

    Living in a tiny home naturally lends itself to bygone décor: a simpler lifestyle, meaningful, found objects and perhaps you might even be living in vintage camper or RV. You can pay homage to Christmases of yore with bits of vintage décor, like small pieces of furniture or old-school holiday lights, perfected in this image captured by Brittany Lawrence.


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    Break Out the Classic Christmas Lights

    If all else fails, you can decorate the exterior of your tiny home in top-to-bottom Christmas lights. Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey made her tiny home sparkle with rainbow-colored lights. This holiday season, there’s no need to wish for a larger home—these homeowners have proven that there are near-limitless options for making your tiny home spectacular this season.