Tiny Treehouses Are the Plant Accessory You Need

The Cutest Little Tiny Treehouses You Didn't Know You Wanted

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Tiny Treehouses

Tiny Treehouses

Plants are a great way of adding a little extra something to your space. They make your home feel more relaxing and calming as well as more interesting. There's nothing quite like wandering into a fellow plant lover’s home and can see what plants they’ve spent time collecting. It’s even better when there’s something unique added in—like a tiny treehouse. It's super cute and makes your plant look it houses a community of fairies or tiny woodland creatures. Tiny Treehouses is leading the trend in creating the most stunning treehouses for your plant collection. 

Lars Wijers, the founder of Tiny Treehouses, is a 3D architectural designer. He’s works in the events and experiential industry and really enjoys a little side project. He loves plants, which is how his journey into creating beautiful and whimsical tiny treehouses all got started. 

“I was actually daydreaming on my balcony one afternoon, and I started imagining the houses that little plant-elves and fairies would live in,” says Wijers. Next thing you know I'm doodling a few sketches and coming up with a few designs." The first two designs were Woodland Outpost and then the Temple of Serenity. When everyone started spending more time at home in 2020, Wijers decided to start developing his project.

tiny treehouse lit up

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“I modeled the first design in 3D on the computer and had my first piece prototyped, and that was the moment I thought, ah ha, this is something!” says Wijers. He’s definitely right—they are pretty special and they make a unique edition to your potted plants. They’re whimsical, very fun, and inspired by his travels. 

“I've traveled to a few places in Asia in my life, and I've always loved ancient architecture. The temples are so beautiful and spiritual. So really I have just tried to create my own temples that evoke the same sense I get from the ancient temples,” explains Wijers. And while they aren’t based on any real temples or structures, you can definitely see the influence from Asian cultures. The shapes of the roofs mimic those of some of the temples you can see around Asia.

As well as temples, he also has some really cool structures like the sky lodge, tropical lookout, and treetop hideaway inspired by real-life treehouse ideas. “The Treehouse homes are fun and playful structures that I imagine in the wilderness, living at one with nature,” says Wijers. They either come with an acrylic base that you can easily stick into the soil or a hanging hook so you can hang it from a stake or moss pole. You can add a weatherproof varnish if you want to keep it outside. It’s one of those plant accessories that you never knew you needed, but won’t want to live without once you’ve gotten one.

building tiny treehouses

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Each treehouse he makes is incredibly detailed so it’s no surprise that the process to create one single model takes a very long time. “I'd say it takes about 2 to 3 months to create, develop and user test each model, then it's a 3-month turnaround for manufacture and global shipping to my warehouse,” says Wijers.

But the process first starts with sketching. He uses his sketches to work out the architectural structure, the general aesthetic, and how it will eventually come together. “I then model it in 3D on my CAD program, and design all the individual pieces," explains Wijers. "Then I undergo many, many rounds of laser cutting those models and making tweaks and adjustments between revisions. I probably go through about 10 to 15 models perfecting it each time."

Here are four of our favorite tiny treehouses to shop and create your own fairy village with.

Tiny Treehouses Woodland Outpost

Woodland Outpost

Tiny Treehouses

This is the original Tiny Treehouse and it's so fun. Not only does it have a wraparound porch, but it's fully furnished too! Once you've built your Woodland Outpost you can stick it into the base of your plant. Add some LED lights for a little extra magic.

Tiny Treehouses Tropical Lookout

Tropical Lookout

Tiny Treehouses

This next Tiny Treehouse is made up of multiple levels and will make you wish you could have built one for yourself as a kid. It features a few furnished levels, a sloped roof, and open air living for the (imaginary) fairies that live among your plants. The Tropical Lookout takes 2 to 3 hours to build.

Tiny Treehouses Temple of Gratitude

Temple of Gratitude

Tiny Treehouses

Pretend you've traveled around the world by building your very own Temple of Gratitude. This incredibly detailed Tiny Treehouse can be put together in 2 to 3 hours, looks incredible with LED lights in it, and has an acrylic stake so you can place it in the base of your favorite tropical plant.

Tiny Treehouses Treetop Hideaway

Treetop Hideaway

Tiny Treehouses

The Treetop Hideway is one of the most fun Tiny Treehouses because you can actually hang it from a moss pole or thick branch of one of your plants. It will make you wish you could shrink down and head inside to bird watch in the jungle that is your plant. It takes 2 to 3 hours to build and comes with a hook so you can hang it where you want.