Feng Shui Tips for Your Bathroom and Front Door

open door to the bathroom
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Question: I have heard it is bad feng shui to have the front door directly aligned with the bathroom door, so I guess my home has bad feng shui because the doors are aligned. I was told to put a full length mirror on the bathroom door for better feng shui. Now, I read on your feng shui site that it is not good feng shui to have a mirror reflecting the front door. What can I do?

Answer: Yes, the direct alignment of the bathroom door with the front door is definitely bad feng shui. In fact, any direct door alignment in a home or office creates challenging feng shui.

The front door is very important in feng shui because it is through the front door that the house absorbs the much needed Chi, or feng shui energy. When you have a bathroom door aligned with the front door, a big percentage of incoming energy goes right into the bathroom and gets drained/lost.

Some feng shui consultants always recommend a mirror on the bathroom door as a feng shui cure in order to avoid the leakage of energy. Even though this can be an acceptable feng shui choice for some homes (depending on where the bathroom is located), this is definitely a bad choice for a bathroom that is aligned with the front door. A mirror facing the main door is bad feng shui.

So, what can you do then? You can apply 2 basic feng shui tips to create good energy in a main entry where the bathroom door is aligned with the front door.

1. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times, and be sure to have very good feng shui energy in your bathroom / take good care of it.

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2. Create a strong focal point on the wall nearest to the bathroom door so as to direct / pull in the feng shui energy into the home.

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Even though these two tips sound simple and easy, be sure to actually understand all the details that each step involves. Try to be aware of the quality of feng shui energy in your main entry at all times.

Implementing the right feng shui tips and cures is only one part of the solution; for good results you also have to be sure to take good care of the energy in your whole house.

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