Improving the Feng Shui When a Bed Faces the Bathroom Door

Feng shui bed and bathroom tips

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In the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui, in which the flow of invisible energy (chi) through the home is managed to improve well-being, certain rooms are known to pose unique challenges. One such room is the bedroom, where limited space and the presence of the bed and other pieces of large furniture can limit your options for arranging objects. Another such room is the bathroom, a space known for its "bad" feng shui.

Bedrooms with direct access to an adjoining bathroom can be particularly tricky—a problem that is quite common since modern home design often pairs bedrooms with connecting bathrooms. 

It is a feng shui rule of thumb that it is bad practice to have a bed facing the bathroom door—or any door for that matter. This can be surprisingly hard to avoid in some bedrooms, where a bathroom door, closet door, and exit door may limit your options for positioning the bed for optimum feng shui. 

Basic Feng Shui for Bedrooms

In feng shui, it is believed that when a bed is aligned so the foot is facing toward a door, the flow of energy toward the door can cause you to lose energy at night while sleeping. Because doors serve as pathways for energy from one part of the house toward others, it's best to avoid aligning your bed toward any door, if possible. In feng shui practice, this is sometimes known as the "coffin position," and a bedroom with good feng shui will avoid this.

Bathrooms are regarded as a place where energy leaves the home, and so it is particularly problematic to have a bed arranged so its foot aims directly at the bathroom door. 

Where it is not possible to avoid this, feng shui practice calls for you to create some kind of division (visible or invisible) between the bathroom and the bedroom.

Tips for Managing Energy Flow From Bedroom to Bathroom

A number of simple methods are available to reduce the loss of energy from the bedroom into the bathroom: 

  • Keep the bedroom as well as the bathroom doors closed most of the time. This is basic, common-sense advice that is often forgotten.
  • Block the flow of energy from the bed toward the bathroom by using a bed with a tall footboard. Alternately, a tall piece of furniture, such as a bookcase, can also serve this function. Even a thin free-standing screen can help block the flow of energy. 
  • Find a way to strengthen the bedroom door and weaken the bathroom door. You can do that with color, for example, or find your own creative way to clearly indicate which door of the two is more important and needs to attract more energy. The goal is to make the bedroom a more powerful room than the bathroom. 
  • Make sure the bed is not positioned against the same wall as the toilet. While arranging the bed this way can ensure the foot of the bed is not pointed to the bathroom door, positioning the bed's headboard against the plumbing wall will create bad feng shui.
  •  If you must hang a mirror on the bathroom door (a popular feng shui cure for bathroom doors), be sure to choose a small mirror. It is not the best feng shui practice to face a big mirror as soon as you leave the bedroom.
  • Improve the feng shui of the bathroom itself. Keep its energy fresh by using candles, essential oil diffusers or mists, and artwork to create a sense of beauty. The goal is to create a bathroom that minimizes energy loss and the draw of energy from surrounding rooms, including your bedroom. 
  • You can also choose to "ground" the energy near the toilet, which can be done in many ways. For example, you can choose to create a big bowl containing river rocks and crystals and place it on a small shelf above the toilet. Or, you can install a bigger bathroom shelf unit on the wall above the toilet and fill it with spa-related items.

By taking good care of the feng shui energy in your bathroom and creating an effective division between the bathroom and the bedroom, you are unlikely to experience the bad feng shui that often accompanies a bedroom adjoining a bathroom. 

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