Feng Shui Tips for a Bed Facing the Bathroom Door

Use feng shui tips to remedy the bed-bathroom door alignment

feng shui bed and bathroom tips
Learn to take good care of the feng shui energy in your bathroom and create an effective subtle division between the bathroom and the bedroom. Dylan Ellis/Getty Images

I have heard that it is really bad feng shui to have the bed facing the bathroom door. My bed not only faces the bathroom door directly, but it is also in direct line with the toilet! I can feel this is really bad feng shui, can you please help me with some easy feng shui tips?

It might be helpful to know that perfect feng shui bedrooms are hard to find. Just like anything perfect, really! This can be a good starting point in changing your perception from having a bad feng shui bedroom to focusing on creating a better feng shui energy flow.

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Yes, ideally your bed should not be aligned with any doors - be they bedroom doors, bathroom doors or closet doors.

First, be sure to apply the feng shui tips for a bed facing the door, or, more precisely, a bed in line with the bedroom door. After you have applied these feng shui tips to the best of your abilities, focus on neutralizing the potential negative energy in the bathroom.

Basically, you want to create an invisible (or visible!) division between the bathroom and the bedroom. Here are several easy ways to create this energetic division with good feng shui in mind:

1. Keep the bedroom as well as the bathroom doors closed most of the time. This is a basic, common sense advice that is often forgotten.

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2. Find a way to strengthen the bedroom door and weaken the bathroom door. You can do that with color, for example, or find your own creative way to clearly indicate which door of the two is more important and needs to attract more energy.

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3. If you decide to hang a mirror on the bathroom door (a popular feng shui cure for bathroom doors), be sure to choose a small mirror. It is not best feng shui to face a big mirror as soon as you leave the bedroom.

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Take good care of your bathroom and keep its energy fresh, i.e. use candles, essential oil diffusers or mists, and art to create a sense of beauty.

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5. You can also choose to "ground" the energy near the toilet, which can be done in many ways. For example, you can choose to go with a big bowl containing river rocks or crystals, and place it on a small shelf above the toilet, or install a bigger bathroom shelf unit on the wall above the toilet and have it filled with spa-related items.

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If you take good care of the feng shui energy in your bathroom and create an effective division between the bathroom and the bedroom, I am sure a day will come when this potentially bad feng shui set-up will not worry you at all.