5 Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Gray Nursery

Chic, Sensible, But a Bit Tricky

Grey, white, and pink nursery space with pops of color

12th and White

Gray is the perfect neutral. Clean, bright and versatile, this popular nursery color is both chic and sensible. Whether you’re looking for a color scheme that will stand the test of time or just hoping for a fresh take on the traditional gender-neutral palette, gray is a great way to go. It's also an ideal color to choose if you're not quite ready for a gender reveal but can't wait to get started on your baby's nursery.

Still, for all its benefits, this sometimes-moody shade can be tricky to work with. Done well, a gray space can be sophisticated and serene. But if you’re not careful, your nursery could end up looking flat or dreary.

Wondering how to make your gray nursery shine? Polish your design plan with these five simple tips. 

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    Choose the Right Shade

    Neutral grey nursery with tribal-inspired accents
    Project Nursery

    There are many shades of gray, and each evokes its own mood. Cool grays highlight blue tones and can look frosty in light shades. Warm grays highlight yellow tones. They may appear somewhat brown or even greenish and can look grim and dreary in darker hues.

    To keep your nursery space looking bright and cheery, choose a soothing blue-gray in a light to medium shade, or opt for a pale shade of “greige.” This warm, beige-like neutral combines the etherealness of gray with the earthiness of brown, creating a beautiful, organic blend.

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    Add Color

    Gray and yellow nursery with pops of white
    Bookstrucker Photography via Alykhan Velji Design

    When it comes to picking the perfect accent palette, gray makes things simple. This versatile neutral plays well with almost any color.

    To help narrow your options consider your tone. If you’ve chosen a blue-based gray for your nursery, you can’t go wrong with cool pastel accents, like mint, aqua, lavender, or pale pink. Metallic silver also looks fabulous with steely blue-grays.

    If you prefer a warmer gray, consider a bright and sunny color, like orange and yellow, or add a touch of glam with rich gold. 

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    Create Contrast

    Grey Nursery with black and white accents
    Ashlee Raubach via Style Me Pretty

    To keep your gray walls from looking flat, the secret is to create plenty of contrast.

    Gray is best set against its parent colors: black and white. White accents keep grays looking clean and bright, while black accents provide definition. Your goal is to create the perfect balance between light and dark. If you’ve chosen a medium to dark gray, you’ll need to break it up with large swaths of white. If you’ve chosen a lighter shade, black furniture and accessories may be a better fit.

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    Play With Pattern

    Grey and white nursery with bold, herringbone accent wall
    Project Nursery

    A little pattern play can really make a space pop, bringing life and energy to your design. If your nursery needs a boost, a boldly patterned rug or accent wall might be just the ticket. 

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    Focus on Texture

    Neutral Grey Nursery with Rich and Varied Texture
    Style Me Pretty

    Incorporating a rich variation of texture is another excellent way to add visual interest to your design. This is especially true of neutral spaces, which demand greater attention to detail. Try layering sleek floors and furnishings with lush fabrics, and pair polished woods with rough, natural textures. You won’t believe what a difference the added textural dimension can make!