5 Professional Tips for Decorating a Purple Nursery

3d Mockup nursery interior with a frame with minimal print of a bear a pink furniture with toys
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A fresh alternative to the traditional pink palette, purple is fast becoming a nursery favorite. That said, purple is a tricky color. Used well, it can look fabulous. Get it wrong, and the results can be dreary or worse.

Need help mastering this beautiful—if somewhat temperamental—nursery color? Check out these helpful tips for decorating a purple nursery.

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    Don’t Overdo It

    Understated Purple Nursery
    Dear Lillie

    A little purple goes a long way. Instead of painting the entire room in a bold shade, consider sticking to a cool neutral, like a light, silver grey, and punctuating the space with pops of purple. Craving more color? Choose your paint wisely. Purple almost always appears darker than expected on the wall. Even the lightest of pastel shades can have a dramatic effect. To ensure a good pick, settle for a hue that is a couple of shades lighter than your original pick. You’ll be happier with the results.

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    Choose a Soothing Hue

    Soothing Purple Nursery

    Want to keep baby calm and happy? Purple can be a real soul soother, but only in pale, cool shades. Warmer hues tend to take on the properties of red, which can cause anxiety in small children. Bluer hues reduce agitation, but can also seem dark and dreary, especially in stronger shades. To create a serene atmosphere, opt for a soft shade of lavender or lilac. The lighter the shade, the more soothing the effect. 

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    Create Balance

    Sweet Purple Nursery
    Pottery Barn Kids

    Never underestimate the power of white, especially when working with a bold color. Neutral white space helps to create balance, breaking up large areas of color and giving the eye a place to rest. The contrast also makes colors appear cleaner and brighter. If you are planning on painting the walls purple, consider adding some soft white paneling or crown molding. When choosing textiles, opt for a healthy mix of texture-rich solids and large-scale patterns with plenty of negative space. 

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    Add an Accent Color

    Aqua & Purple Nursery
    Home by Heidi

    A combination of blue and red, purple looks great with both cool and warm accents. Pair with a pretty pastel, like aqua or pale pink, or go bold with sunny yellow, teal, or tangerine! Just remember to use accents sparingly. When in doubt, stick to the “60-30-10” rule.

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    Glam It Up

    Modern Glam Nursery
    Project Nursery

    Purple has long been associated with royalty and all things rich and luxurious, making it the perfect palette for a deliciously glamorous nursery! Shower your little princess with soft, fur throws and luxurious fabrics. Consider a crib canopy or a posh, upholstered crib, and don’t forget to add a touch of nursery bling, like a dramatic chandelier!

    Working with a tight budget? Go glam for less.