10 Tips for Sharing a Bedroom With Baby

Brightly-lit bedroom with small play tent in corner near windows

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If you've recently welcomed a new bundle of joy to the family, you already have a lot on your plate to say the least! For parents who are figuring out how to best welcome a child to the household and will be sharing a bedroom with their little one, there's even more to consider. We spoke with designers who weighed in with their top tips for parents sharing a room with a baby.

1. Choose Furniture Strategically

When designing spaces for parents and babies to sleep in together, designer Tracy Morris has found that a certain mix of furnishings works best. "This type of space typically has a full-size bed to allow the parents to either tend to an ill child or get much needed rest between feedings," Morris shares. And it's more than possible to fit a decent amount of furniture into a small bedroom; one just has to be strategic. "These spaces include a crib, a full-sized bed, a pair of nightstands, a changing table/dresser, rocker/glider, a table next to the glider, an ottoman, and lamps," she adds. "Bottom line, when creating a space with your little one, make it as comfortable as possible for both of you."

crisp nursery

Jules Interiors

2. Implement a Mature Design

"As a designer based in NYC, I have worked on countless bedroom/nursery hybrids, given that just because you're having a baby-doesn't mean you'll be moving out of your one bedroom apartment," Megan Hopp says. She says that when it comes to determining a room's aesthetic, there's no need to veer too far from one's pre-baby style preferences.

"In terms of the actual decoration style, I suggest leaning in to more of a mature look that one would opt for pre baby and adding in whimsical elements and accents," Hopp shares. "I think folks feel pressure often to execute some sort of preconceived notion of a nursery and as a result attempt to install a mini version of that in the corner of their room, leading to a disjointed and chaotic set up versus a cohesive design with thoughtful functionality."

3. Think About Repurposible Pieces

On a similar note, purchasing pieces that can later be transported into other spots within your home is always a smart idea, designer Paige Gray says. "Choose a nursing chair that could ultimately blend into your living space," she offers. "Toss down a cozy rug where the texture is baby friendly but the design is cohesive with the rest of your home."

cane rocker

Think Chic Interiors

4. But Don't Forget About Baby's Needs

That said, a baby will require a certain amount of entertainment and stimulation, which shouldn't be forgotten even if you aren't decorating a full-on nursery. "Have fun when incorporating specific pieces suited for your child's development such as a mobile, building blocks, and books," Gray adds.

mobile in corner

JNR Designs

5. Carve Out a Nursery Nook

There are still ways to make Baby's portion of the room nice and welcoming for him or her. Sara Adam Slywka, the co-founder of crib company Nestig, adds, "Try creating a nursery nook using wall art that visually marks the space. This helps contain the baby gear and decor to one specific area of the room."

6. Try a Crib that Rolls

New baby gear on the market can make it easier than ever to share a room with a little one. "A crib on wheels is a game changer," Slywka notes. "The wheels allow you to move the crib next to the bed or move to a more out of the way part of the room when not in use!"

rolling crib


7. Get Matchy-Matchy

When it comes to selecting everything from accent pieces to sheets for your bundle of joy's crib, why not take a cue from your own bedding? "Choose pieces that fit with your color scheme," Slywka offers. "By adding a crib (and sheets) that fit right into the color palette of the room, the set up for baby will look right at home."

8. Include a Nightlight or String Lights

Make getting up for middle of the night feeds slightly easier with the addition of some extra light. "Add a nightlight or some cute string lights in your baby's area," suggests designer Natalie Zirbel."This will create a nice soft light for your baby to sleep and also keep you safe when you are jumping up in the middle of the night."

9. Think Long-Term

With furnishings, that is (but also so much more!). "Prepare for the future, it happens fast," Zirbel says. "Babies are not babies for very long, so look for a crib that converts into a toddler bed and eventually a full bed. For our daughter, we bought one that we are now using as her full bed. Plus, kids can get emotionally attached to things, even furniture, so she loves that her crib became her big girl bed."

nursery with convertible bed

Natalie Zirbel

10. Try This Techy Trick

Last but not least, Zirbel offers a tip that may just help everyone in the room get a better night's sleep. "Get a noisemaker," she suggests. "Most babies love noise, and with the white noise of a noisemaker it may help you sleep, too."