5 Top Tips for Soothing a Crying Baby

Ways to Sooth a Crying Baby
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The average newborn baby cries about three hours a day.  Three hours a day.  Some, more sensitive babies, cry even more.  Since we are hardwired to immediately react to our babies crying and soothe them, when they don't settle down immediately it can be super distressing.  We wonder what we are doing wrong and what we are missing.  Are they hungry?  Does their diaper need to be changed?  Do they need to be burped?

Are they hurting?  Are they tired?  Are they sick?  Luckily, for most babies, the crying has subsided for the most part by 3-4 months, but in the mean time, these 5 TOP TIPS FOR SOOTHING A CRYING BABY will help!


Swaddling your baby snuggly in a blanket makes him or her feel secure and creates an environment more like the womb (confined).  Make sure you secure their arms in the blanket so they can't flail around with their arms.  My babies used to startle themselves with their arms and start crying they were so upset by the movement.


Shushing sounds accompanied by rocking or light bouncing is another way to re-create conditions in the womb.  The shushing sound works like white noise and the rocking or bouncing distracts them  them from crying.


White noise is supposed to be so soothing to baby because it reminds them of the sound of blood rushing through the umbilical cord in the womb.  It also gives baby something to focus on and relax to as well as creating and environment where more distracting noises doing filter through.

 It's surprisingly easy to find white noise sources, too.  There are lots of white noise apps for smart phones, there are white noise machines and if you are in a pinch, you can turn on the vacuum or blow dryer for instant white noise.  The thing I love best about the vacuum or hair dryer is that sometimes it's really difficult to dry your hair or vacuum with a newborn.

 Creating white noise is a good excuse to do those things.  


Babies can easily get overstimulated, so turning off the lights in a room blocks out the stimulation of light and most likely, noise.  This will help calm them down.


A change of scenery is extra great for both you and baby.  Getting out of the house is a great way to de-stress for mom and dad and baby can feel that, which in turn calms them down.  The motion of the car and noise created in the automobile also works to soothe baby.

Remember that a well rested baby is a happier baby, too!