Tips for Starting a Craft Club

Crafting is fun! Get creative with your friends!

Do you love crafting and also getting together with friends? Why not combine the two activities and start a crafting club! Clubs are a good way to have a night out with like-minded people while doing activities you love. Studies have shown that individuals who have social ties are happier, healthier and live longer.All of us want that! Why not get together with your friends and soon to be friends and have some creative fun. Establishing a successful craft club isn't hard when you follow some...MORE simple steps. A few ideas to consider when starting a club are:


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    What type of craft are you going to make?

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    Is your club planning to make one particular type of craft or will it cover all genres of crafting. Some people are only interested in one area of crafting such as scrapbooking, rubber stamping, jewelry making, etc. while others are interested in all types of artistic pursuits.You must decide what will be the focus of your group.

    You will also have to decide if your club is going to present craft technique demonstrations and who will be the instructor. It might be fun to have members take turns...MORE hosting the meeting and demonstrating a craft of their choice. It might even be possible to invite guest speakers to your meetings! Everyone will have a chance to improve their skills.

    Another club option is to have your members work on their own craft projects and have the meeting focus more on socialization rather than instruction. You as the club founder and manager have to decide which path you want your group to take.


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    How often do you plan to meet?

    The club manager has to determine how often the club will meet. Most clubs will meet once or twice a month, but if you have a group of passionate crafters once a week is also a possibility. The amount of monthly meetings are not set in stone, and can change as the needs of the members change.


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    Are you going to charge for supplies?

    Are your members going to bring their supplies or will the club make all crafting supplies available. If the organization is purchasing the supplies, someone must be in charge of collecting money, making the purchases and distributing the craft supplies at the meeting.

    If members are buying the craft items on their own before the meeting, someone must be assigned the task of printing supply lists and distributing them at the meetings or sending emails with the supply information.


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    Are you targeting advanced crafters or a beginners welcome?

    Once the type of crafts the club focuses on is determined, the next step is to decide what level of craft expertise you expect from your members.Do you want to have detailed high-level projects that require advanced levels of artistic skill and keep the club exclusive or do you wish to welcome people with all levels of expertise?

    I have found that most people are generous and willingly share their knowledge with others, but sometimes people that have advanced skills need to be challenged, and it...MORE is frustrating for them to be in a group with people that are at a beginners level.

    You might also want to consider if this club will allow children or if it is an adults only club.

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    Where are you going to meet?

    Potential meeting places are churches, senior centers,  craft stores, park districts,  and community centers.

    Here is the United States there is a major craft store chain called JoAnn's. They offer free space for crafters to meet as a community service. If your club chooses to meet at JoAnn's, make sure you appreciate their generosity by purchasing your craft supplies at their store.

    Each member could also take a turn hosting at their home. This would work well if the club is small and the...MORE members know each other quite well.




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    How are you going to advertise to get people to know about your club and come?

    Some options to get the word out that you are forming a club are hanging flyers where ever crafty individuals congregate or setting up a page on the internet. Tell everyone you come in contact with that you are starting a club. Not every person will be interested but may know someone who is and pass the word along. Sometimes local newspapers will also give organizations free advertising space. Make an announcement at your church. Tell all the Mom's at your child's school what...MORE you are up to! Don't be shy!


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    Is there going to be a website or facebook page?

    You may not have a website when your club is in its infancy, but after the group has been around for a little while a web page is a must. People that have heard about your organization and are interested in joining your group will be looking for a web page to gather more information. The site doesn't have to cost anything. You can set up a simple page on for free. You can always expand your site to something fancier later on.

    Almost everyone is on Facebook these days, and it is...MORE easy to set up group pages. These pages are also a free service and a great way for members of your club to communicate with one another and keep track of club announcements.Members can post project pictures, offer tips and suggestions to other members.


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    Contests and Exibitions

    It is always fun once your club is established to have club contests and exhibitions.You could also connect with other craft clubs to add some excitement and friendly competition. Members will enjoy the recognition and social aspects these occasions provide.


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    Will the Club Charge Dues?

    Clubs do not always operate for free. Sometimes the club will have to charge dues to cover rental costs, supplies and speaker fees. Make sure to charge enough to cover your expenses.


Although it takes a lot of time to form and maintain a club, you will be rewarded by the friendships you will make and the community service you provide.