How to Throw a Honeymoon Shower

A Perfect Way to Send Newlyweds off to Their Destination

Mexican theme party


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A honeymoon shower is a fun idea for a non-traditional bridal shower. If the couple has a honeymoon registry, you can throw them a party that's all about their future fun. Whether they'll be lying on the beach or swooshing down the slopes, the honeymoon shower allows you to tie the decorations, invitations, and music into their big trip.


Make invitations that look like boarding passes or passports, giving your guests a sneak peek of the fun to come. If you're not the crafty type, many invitation companies have travel-themed invites available.

For the wording on your invitation, you can use something like:

A Honeymoon Shower for Jane Smith,

Come celebrate Jane's soon-to-be marriage to John Doe. After they tie the knot, they're honeymooning in Hawaii! Let's help her get in the mood with a Hawaiian luau.

Please bring a gift that John and Jane can enjoy on their honeymoon. They are also registered at The Honeymoon Registry and Crate & Barrel.

Food and Drinks

When you're throwing a honeymoon shower, you'll want to match the cocktails and snacks to the theme. In fact, the food and drinks are perhaps the key elements that will help guests get in the spirit!

  • For an island trip, serve tiki drinks, tropical fruits, and grilled skewers of chicken, bacon, and pineapple.
  • For a honeymoon in Jamaica, jerk chicken is a perfect choice.
  • For a tropical feeling, serve dips in halved fresh coconuts, and use pineapples as your centerpieces.
  • For a trip to Paris, go with brie cheese, gougères, and mini crepes.
  • For a ski vacation, serve spiked hot chocolate, bowls of chili, and granitas.
  • For European getaways, a variety of hors-d'oeuvres representing the destination country are both easy and fun.


You may also want some decorations that tie in with your honeymoon shower theme. For this, you can go to a travel agency or to the country's tourist bureau and ask for brochures and posters advertising the destination.

For island destinations, just a few tropical flowers and bright tablecloths are all that's needed. For European trips, you can use touristy icons like the Eiffel Tour or Spanish bullfighters. Or, for a more chic and modern look, just use the color schemes and artwork from that country's signature artists (e.g., pink and black for Paris, red and yellow for Barcelona).


For a party that feels relaxed and fun, great music is the key. You'll want to tie it to the theme without going too far because above all the tunes need to be ones that make you feel happy and want to dance.

For Jamaica, Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley are obvious choices, while Carla Bruni is perfect for a Parisian Party. And though you might think about the Brothers Cazimero or Iz for a Hawaiian party, truthfully they're a bit slow. You might be better off going with fun lounge music like the Montefiori Cocktail albums, Tipsy, or Jack Johnson.

Shower Activities

Of course, you could always play some bridal shower games at a honeymoon shower, but you could also plan activities that somewhat reflect what the couple will be doing on their honeymoon. For example, try a mixology lesson, get spa treatments, hire some traditional dancers from the destination country, or just whip up some beautiful food and drinks from their destination. As a nod to the game-loving guests, you could offer a trivia contest about the country, mixed with a few questions about the couple's past travels.

A Few Special Touches

To get everyone into the honeymoon spirit, you can ask guests to dress in vacation-appropriate clothing. For example, for Hawaii, you could have leis and sunglasses for them to wear. For island destinations, you could have some pretty flowers and bobby pins available so guests can tuck blooms behind their ears.

After the festivities are over, send your guests home with something special. A personalized mini bottle of sunscreen and flip-flops, a kit for homemade hot chocolate, or a bottle of wine from their destination are excellent choices.

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