Tips for Urban Gardening

Small Lawns to Rooftop Containers

Urban gardening has been going on behind closed doors for years. It's time to bring urban gardening out in the open.

Just because you live in a city doesn't mean you don't love and long for plants. Not everyone can have a full blown garden, but with some creativity, you can bring the garden to the city. Whatever size space you are working with, the following urban gardening ideas can put your green thumb to work.

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    Are You Ready for an Urban Garden?

    Blooming City Window Box
    Window boxes add a touch of country to a city street. Photo: ©Marie Iannotti

    There's nothing unusual about urban gardening - gardeners will find a spot to plant some seeds just about anywhere and city dwellers are some of the most creative. However there are some considerations that urban gardeners have to take into account, like hauling water and radient heat from so much concrete. Here's a look at questions, concerns and challenges facing the urban gardener.

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    Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Containers

    If you can grow it in the ground, it's a good bet you can grow it in a container. And sometimes even better. Photo: © Marie Iannotti

    Growing vegetables is a great way to use your urban garden space. Many are compact, they can be grown in containers, you don't need a lot to yield a lot and they look as good as they taste. Let these articles whet your appetite for an urban container vegetable garden.

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    Best Plants for Apartments

    Best Plants for Urban Apartments
    Turn your apartment into a garden. Photo: © Marie Iannotti

    Sometimes the only space to garden is indoors. Even in a tiny apartment, plants will be happy to grow. All you need is some light and the right plants and you can have a living room jungle or a kitchen windowsill garden. And don't overlook that humid bathroom. Many an orchid has lived out a very good life on a bathroom shelf.

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    Rooftop Gardening

    You never know where one root top garden will lead. Photo: © Marie Iannotti

    Oh, to garden on a rooftop. Full sun, no deer and a total escape from the city. Of course you need to make sure that roof can hold your garden. And then there's the wind. And where does the water come from? Well, no garden is without its peccadillos, but a rooftop garden is definitely worth it.

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    Urban Homesteading

    Tips for creating an urban homestead. Photo: Getty Image News / Justin Sullivan

    Maybe you're dreaming even bigger than an urban garden. Maybe you're thinking along the lines of a homestead. Homesteading requires some land and a lot of planning, but cities are making it easier for homeowners to use their plots for growing food and even raising some animals. If you think homesteading is in your future, here's some advice to get you started.

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    Front Yard Gardening

    Small Front Yard Garden, in Portland, OR.
    Packing in the plants makes every inch count, in a small front yard garden in Portland, OR. Photo: © Marie Iannotti

    If you are lucky enough to have a front yard or any patch of soil in front of your home, don't let it go to waste. Some of the most personal urban gardens are right out in front. A front yard garden can make a huge impact and it's a great way to induce the rest of your neighborhood to spruce things up.

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    Small Urban Garden Design

    Private Entryway Garden
    Private Entryway Garden. Photo: © Marie Iannotti

    Urban gardens tend to be small. They may be a few pots on the window sill, a vegetable garden in the back yard or an exuberant use of the foundation planting, but generally they are not sprawling. To make the most of a small urban garden you will need to make some hard design choices, but you still have many options. Let the following articles help you dream big in your small space.

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    Urban and Small Lawn Care

    Caring for a City Lawn
    A patch of green is all you need to relax or entertain. Photo: © Marie Iannotti

    If you've never had to tend a lawn before, you are not alone. Urban lawns may be smaller than their suburban cousins, but like urban gardens, they come with their own challenges. Shade from neighboring buildings, encroaching tree roots and leeching from concrete are just a few of the conditions that factor into maintaining an urban lawn. On the plus side, you won't have to give up your whole Saturday mowing it. Here are some more tips for keeping your urban lawn green.

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    Urban Gardening Wisdom

    Dealing with Cats in the Garden
    Cats will find your garden very inviting. Photo: ©Marie Iannotti

    The first piece of urban gardening wisdom I will pass along is to expect a few things to disappear. Some folks just can't resist temptation. It happens in the country too.

    Two other urban gardening conundrums are finding space to compost and keeping cats from digging in your garden. We have answers for those below.