Feng Shui Tips for the Fame Bagua Area

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In feng shui, certain areas of your home or office have a connection to specific aspects of your life. This is referred to as the bagua, or feng shui energy map of your space. One of those bagua areas is linked to your fame and reputation. According to feng shui principles, when you bring good energy to your fame and reputation area, it can improve how others perceive you. 

Finding Your Fame and Reputation Area

The bagua is divided into eight areas: career and life path, spirituality and personal growth, health and family, wealth and abundance, fame and reputation, love and marriage, creativity and children, and helpful people and blessings. Each bagua area is connected to a feng shui element.

The location of your fame and reputation bagua area can vary, depending on whether you practice classical or BTB (Western) feng shui. In classical feng shui, the fame area is considered to be the southern part of your space. In BTB feng shui, it’s the top center part of your floor plan, regardless of its compass reading.

Feng Shui Remedies for the Fame Area

A more exact translation from Chinese of the fame and reputation area would be "the light within." Thus, it's recommended to employ feng shui cures, or remedies, that express the essence of your inner light. In other words, what do you want to be known for? What special qualities do you bring to this world? Aim to display items that you feel address those questions.

There are certain feng shui guidelines regarding the best items to place in this area. The element of the fame area is fire, so the items should either be associated with the fire element or the element that nourishes it (wood).

The colors associated with the fire element are red, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. And the colors associated with wood are green and brown. Use decor or wall paint in any of those colors—preferably the fire colors—to strengthen the fire element of the fame area.

In addition, triangular shapes and stars are associated with the fire element, so work those shapes into your decor if possible. Rectangles are associated with the wood element, so they’re an option, too.

Candles, fireplaces, and quality lighting also are excellent ways to strengthen the fire element of your fame area. A tall lamp in particular is considered ideal for this purpose, though make sure its size and design fit harmoniously with the rest of your space. Moreover, a wood-burning fireplace can amplify the energy both of fire and wood.

Artwork also can play a major role in expressing the energy of specific feng shui elements. One option for the fame area is to choose abstract art pieces that are predominantly composed of fire (or wood) colors. You also can display imagery of fiery or woodsy scenes. Furthermore, because the space should largely focus on your inner light, find art that really speaks to your heart.

Avoid a strong presence of the water feng shui element in the fame and reputation bagua area. According to feng shui principles, the water element weakens the fire element, so its presence can create bad feng shui energy in the fame area. Water colors to avoid are blue and black, and the element is associated with wavy shapes.

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