Feng Shui Tips for the Health and Family Bagua Area

green flowers in a vase on a nightstand

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According to feng shui principles, designated areas of your home or office have a connection to certain aspects of your life. This is referred to as the bagua, or feng shui energy map of your space. And one of those bagua areas is linked to your health and family. When you bring good feng shui energy to your health and family area, it can improve your health on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, as well as promote peace and harmony in your family.

Finding Your Health and Family Area

The bagua is split into eight areas: career and life path, spirituality and personal growth, health and family, wealth and abundance, fame and reputation, love and marriage, creativity and children, and helpful people and blessings. Each bagua area is linked to a feng shui element that helps to strengthen its energy.

The location of your health and family bagua area can vary, depending on whether you practice classical or BTB (Western) feng shui. In classical feng shui, the health and family area is defined as the eastern part of your space. In BTB feng shui, compass direction doesn’t matter. Instead, create a grid of nine squares (or rectangles) that fits over your home’s floor plan, starting with just the main floor, and align the bottom row with your front door. The space that falls in the middle left square of the grid is your health and family area.

Feng Shui Remedies for the Health and Family Area

Many of the feng shui cures, or remedies, that are best suited for the health and family bagua area revolve around the area's element: wood. It is also appropriate to use cures that strengthen the water element because water nourishes wood, according to the feng shui productive cycle.

The colors associated with the wood element are brown and green, while the colors connected to the water element are blue and black. Using any of these colors for wall paint or decor (with priority given to the wood colors) in the health and family area can help to bring good, nourishing energy to the space. 

Moreover, rectangular shapes are associated with wood (and wavy shapes are linked to water), according to feng shui principles. So using these shapes in your decor is an option in addition to color to strengthen the area’s energy.

Artwork is a simple way to bring good feng shui energy into a space. Art that evokes healthy living and family harmony is great for this bagua area, though it ideally should display colors of the wood (or water) element. Plus, wood element art, such as an image of a forest, can help to strengthen the area's energy. You'll even get an added boost if you put any artwork in a wooden frame.

Lush plants also can strengthen the energy of the wood element, as long as you keep them healthy. In addition, wooden furniture, wall paneling, statues, and other decor items all can improve the energy of the space. Likewise, objects that are linked to the water element, such as fountains, can contribute good energy.

Furthermore, quality lighting is considered a good feng shui remedy to uplift the energy in any bagua area. You can go for any size and design of light fixture, as long as it works harmoniously with your surroundings. For the health and family area in particular, consider a fixture with a wood element.

Mirrors are excellent in the east bagua area, as they reflect light and open up the space. They also help to strengthen the energy of the water element. In this bagua area, opt for a square or rectangular mirror with a wooden frame.

Finally, avoid the presence of metal in the health and family bagua area, as the metal element weakens the wood element. Metal colors are gray and white, and it is associated with round shapes.