11 Delightful Swing Ideas for Yards of All Shapes and Sizes

See Smart DIY Ideas for Tire Swings, Chair Swings, and More

A tire swing outside

Stephen Simpson / Getty Images

Adding a tire swing or wooden swing to your yard introduces a bit of whimsy and a whole lot of fun. A yard with a swing is a place where lasting memories will be made and laughter will be heard. These wooden and tire swing ideas will inspire you to put up your own swing.

A lot of these swings are meant to be hung from a tree, but a few of them are better hung other ways. Be sure to follow any weight limits on the hardware you use to attach the swing. Most of these swings are strictly for the outdoors, but a few of them can be placed inside.

All of these swing projects take you through each step of the process of building and hanging the swing. Lots of tips are provided along the way so you'll be successful at building yours, so you can focus less on swing installation and more on playtime.