Three Toilet Accessories to Consider for Your Apartment Bathroom

A little money can buy you added convenience

Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

When you move into an apartment, there are a few items you should consider purchasing to keep near your toilet. These toilet accessories are inexpensive and can be picked up in just about any store that sells home goods.

Not everyone keeps these items in their bathroom, but if you decide to include these toilet accessories in your apartment bathroom, both you and your guests will enjoy greater convenience over the course of your lease term.

Toilet Accessories to Consider

Here are three inexpensive items to consider keeping on the floor of your apartment's bathroom, close to the toilet:

  1. Toilet paper storage holder. It's not fun to realize you're out of toilet paper when you're on the toilet. Make sure you've got more toilet paper on hand by storing a few spare rolls in your bathroom. Consider a toilet paper storage holder (also known as a toilet paper storage tower), which comes in the form of an enclosed or semi-enclosed vertical cylinder that can accommodate three or four rolls, easily accessible from under a lid. Toilet paper holders are available in various colors, materials, and designs. If you're not sure what's best, opt for a white plastic holder (that seems to go with everything), or spend a little more for a holder that matches your bathroom decor.
    Don't forget to refill the holder regularly before you run out of rolls!
  2. Toilet brush with holder. It makes sense to keep a toilet brush close to your toilet, but it's also a good idea to keep it out of sight. A toilet brush with holder will let you do just that. What you get is a toilet brush that stands up inside its own canister or holder. As with the toilet paper storage holder (described above), you can find a toilet brush with a holder to match your bathroom decor if you wish.
  1. Plunger. For serious toilet problems, you'll probably need to get a plumber and your landlord involved. But for the occasional toilet clog, it's good to know you've got a plunger handy. Toilet plungers don't take up much space because they're stored vertically, with the rubber cup as the base and the pole handle rising. It's best to place a plunger along the wall, either between the toilet and sink or toilet and shower (if you have a full bathroom). Finally, if you've got more than one bathroom in your apartment, there's no need to buy additional plungers. Just keep your one plunger in the bathroom you use the most, and then bring it to the other bathroom to unclog your toilet, as needed.