15 Toilet Paper Storage Ideas to Jazz Up Your Bathroom

themed bathroom storage

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Everyone understands the importance of keeping plenty of extra toilet paper on hand, but let's face it, the average bathroom is just 5 by 8 feet and doesn't necessarily include a ton of storage space. If you need to house a handful of extra TP rolls and aren't sure how to do so in a manner that's both functional and stylish, we're more than happy to assist. We've discovered lots of innovative toilet paper storage ideas that can either be DIYed or affordably obtained. Check out 15 of our favorites below.

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    Mesh Method

    mesh toilet paper bin

    Simply 2 Moms

    A mesh storage bin makes it easy to see exactly how many rolls of TP you have left but corrals everything nice and neatly at the same time. This particular piece leans a bit industrial, but you could always spray paint it to better suit your decor style if you wish.

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    Darling DIY

    diy storage system

    Kati Farrer

    Would you believe this gorgeous wooden shelf was actually a DIY project? Whether you choose to construct your own shelf or simply repurpose an existing piece, a storage system like this makes for an excellent bathroom solution.

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    Neat and Narrow

    toilet paper vanity

    Jaime Costiglio

    One of the excellent parts about designing your own vanity is that you can create storage shelves that correspond to your needs to a T. Here, a thin shelf is the perfect spot for storing extra toilet paper—we're all about clever uses of space.

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    Sweet Shelves

    toilet paper on open shelf

    Melissa George

    Make your open shelving more than just functional by going to town with a fun patterned shelf liner or paint color. These polka dotted shelves add decorative flair to the powder room and are lengthy enough to hold plenty of extra toilet paper.

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    Up High

    toilet paper above door

    Kim Lucian

    Don't want to stare TP directly in the face? We feel you. Keep this bathroom essential tucked out of your immediate line of site by installing a shelf above the doorway, if your layout allows. This bathroom features pretty tall ceilings, so working the vertical space is necessary.

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    Hanging Around

    rope tp holder

    Kim Lucian

    Why utilize a plain wall holder when you can get a little creative with rope? Here, a stylish toilet paper display takes up minimal visual space while being ultra-practical. You could hang a few of these on the wall to keep track of extra rolls as well.

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    Skinny Storage

    wooden stand with tp

    The Merry Thought

    We all know that it can be difficult to find a storage solution to fit within a narrow space, but this DIY toilet paper stand measures just eight inches wide, making it an excellent solution. If you replicate this project, you could also paint the wood to complement the color scheme in your bathroom.

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    Rental Friendly Rec

    hanging wall shelf

    @newhome8130 / Instagram

    If you don't want to drill into the wall, hanging a small, lightweight storage unit with a nail is a quick fix that will get your space looking spick and span in no time. Shelves of this size are also super handy for corralling nail polish, perfumes, and other little pretties.

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    Sew Fabulous

    fabric toilet paper holder

    @vickyduboisphoto / Instagram

    Take a cue from the shoe holder hanging in your closet and construct a similar, pouch-like storage system just for toilet paper! If you're handy with a sewing machine, this should be a fun, relatively simple project. And don't forget to pick a fabric pattern that will bring you joy.

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    It's In the Bag

    tp in woven bag

    @ashlyn.early / Instagram

    Have a cute, woven bag tucked away in your closet that deserves a little attention? Hang it up in the bathroom, place a bunch of extra TP inside, and sit back and admire your resourcefulness. This setup couldn't be easier to recreate.

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    On Theme

    beach themed bathroom

    @ourblessednestof4 / Instagram

    If your bathroom is designed around a specific theme, you don't need to sacrifice aesthetics to keep supplies in check, we promise. Just pick up a wooden crate at the craft store and customize it to complement the rest of your decor; here, a beachy theme is carried throughout the space.

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    Make It Macrame

    macrame toilet paper holder

    @macra_made_with_love / Instagram

    A macrame toilet paper holder looks oh-so-sweet, and as a bonus, it's super lightweight, meaning you could even attach it to the wall with an adhesive strip!

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    On a Roll

    rolling cart storage

    @bizzybeeorganizing / Instagram

    If you don't have room for extra TP in the bathroom, you can also store it in a supply closet or laundry room. A rolling cart is a great solution for multi-purpose storage; you can easily designate a drawer for each category.

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    Woven Wonder

    woven basket under sink

    Desiree Burns

    A simple woven basket tucked under the sink is always a simple fix that will never go out of style. If you wish to lay a few washcloths atop the toilet paper rolls to camouflage them further, feel free!

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    Double Duty

    double toilet paper roll

    Cara Newhart

    If multiple family members or roommates share a bathroom and a single roll of TP wouldn't last more than a day, consider simply installing a toilet paper rod that holds two rolls at once. The example pictured above is functional and chic—it's proof that there's no need for a massive, industrial-sized roll when you can implement a simple alternative.