Toilets crack, clog, and leak—but our guide to toilet repair, replacement, maintenance, and more will keep yours working and looking great.
Toilet flapper being replaced inside toilet tank with water
Replacing the Flapper Fixes a Running Toilet
Illustration of a tank fill valve
How to Adjust the Water Level in a Toilet Tank
White ceramic toilet next to black plunger standing on floor
Tips for Unclogging a Toilet With a Plunger
Toilet set into place
Set the Right Flange Height to Prevent Toilet Leaks
Flushing toilet bowl landscape
How to Stop Your Toilet From Running Constantly
White ceramic toilet surrounded by tan tiles closeup
There's More Than One Way to Drain a Toilet
White ceramic toilet in bathroom seen from above
Easy Fix for a Wobbly Toilet
person lifting lid off toilet
Some Toilet Problems Are Easy to Fix Yourself
Water puddle leaking from bottom of toilet next to red bucket with towel
How to Fix a Toilet That’s Leaking Around the Base
White toilet in bathroom with white and gray tiles and flange extender
How to Install a Toilet Flange Extender to Fix Toilet Leaks
Bathroom toilet being moved while holding bowl on both sides
How to Move a Toilet
White toilet in gray wall tiled bathroom assessed for hairline crack
Here's How to Assess and Repair Cracks in Your Toilet
person using a plunger on a clogged toilet
5 Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Clogging
Toilet handle pushed down with flush valve flapper lifting in tank
Flush Problems Are Often Caused by Flapper Problems
Plain toilet in bathroom
These Are the 5 Types of Toilet Handles
Tower-style flush valve pulled out of toilet tank
Toilet Repair: Fixing Tower or Canister Style Flush Valves
Replacement toilet inside white walled and tiled bathroom with light decor
Learn How to Remove and Replace Your Toilet Without Calling a Plumber
Toilet handle stuck while being pressed down with hand
Quick Fix for a Stuck Toilet Handle
The 10 Features You Should Avoid When Buying a New Toilet
Toilet and Scales
5 Reasons It Might Be Time to Replace Your Toilet
parts of the toilet illustration
All the Parts of a Toilet You Should Know
Toilet auger inserted into toilet held with yellow rubber gloves
How to Use a Toilet Auger
Toilet tank cover removed exposing types of toilet fill valves with water
Identifying Different Types of Toilet Fill Valves
Toilet room in the modern interior
How to Install a New Toilet Flange on a Concrete Slab
Toilet auger unclogging a toilet trap
This Is How to Unclog a Toilet Like a Plumber
Toilet flush valve held up over tank to be replaced
Replacing a Toilet Flush Valve
Adjustable toilet flapper installed to control water flow for toilet flush
How to Save on Your Water Bill With a Low-Usage Toilet Modification
White toilet next to wooden bench with folded towel and toilet paper stand
Learn Which Toilet Seals You Should Buy
closeup showing the base of a toilet to reset
How to Reset a Toilet
Replacement toilet fill valve held up above toilet
You Can Replace a Toilet Fill Valve Yourself
Kohler Highline Classic Toilet
The Right Way to Install a Kohler Highline Toilet
Toilet tank cover removed with black pressure tank inside
Fixing Your Pressure-Assisted Toilet
Toilet seat being tightened with yellow screwdriver
How to Easily Fix a Loose Toilet Seat
Bidet installed between a toilet and wicker hamper
How to Install a Bidet
Toilet base with installed toilet bolt caps next to tools
Cover Up Unsightly Toilet Bolts With Better Replacement Caps
Standard gravity-flush toilet surrounded by black and white patterned tile floor in bathroom
Understanding How a Toilet Flushes
Toilet next to light wood vanity and dark blue rug
How to Buy a New Toilet for Your Home