Tonya Lee

Tonya Lee is a freelance writer, designer and DIY decorator with more than 20 years experience. She loves to encourage others to live simply and make the most of their homes, and she knows how you can do it without spending a ton of money. Her favorite things are good food, loving on has-been houses, digging knee-deep in her garden and spending time with her family. You can find more about her online at her blog, Terra Urbem.


Tonya has worked as publisher, editor, writer and designer, but got her start in college by staging window displays for a small home décor store. She has also worked as a freelance artist and has handpainted tile murals for a number of homes, including Jerry Van Dyke’s residence.


Tonya obtained a dual bachelor degree in Ceramics & Visual Communications, but most of her education came life - mainly from marrying an architect who has completely remodeled every single house they have ever owned, and has insisted on doing it all themselves.

Tonya Lee

I believe that frugal design should never be a synonym for meager or ineffective design. There is great pleasure in producing the most lovely home imaginable while spending the least amount of money possible. And true pleasure is being able to enjoy one's home without worrying how one might pay for it.

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