Good home improvement tools and materials make repairs and upgrades easy. Learn about lumber sizes, types of wrenches, and more in our tool guide.
A dog on a set of stairs
How to Build DIY Dog Stairs
Wooden Peg Board
How to Build a DIY Pegboard
minimal laundry machine
How to Build a DIY Laundry Pedestal
Close-Up Of Towels And Napkins On Rack In Bathroom
How to Remove a Towel Bar (Even If There Are No Visible Screws)
Concrete Sleeve Anchors
How to Install Concrete Anchors
Closeup of a person sealing wood with varnish
What Is Varnish?
Grout or Mortar in Bucket
The Differences Between Grout and Mortar
Framing nailer being used
How to Use a Framing Nailer
Drilling Brick
How to Drill Into Brick
Construction worker makes measurements with a laser level tool
How to Use a Laser Level
Pouring Paint Into Tray
What Is Satin Paint?
Yellow and black nail gun above wood with nails on the side
How to Use a Nail Gun
Miter Saw
How to Use a Miter Saw
Fan Coil Unit close-up of fins on air conditioner
How to Use a Fin Comb
Gas Fireplace
How to Turn on a Gas Fireplace With a Wall Key
Setting Water Filter/Softener Control Timer
6 Types of Water Softeners
White subway tile, green accent tile with tile spacers without grout
How to Use Tile Spacers
Orange stud finder placed flat against wall
How to Use a Stud Finder
Reciprocating saw in use cutting wood
How to Use a Reciprocating Saw
What a Hacksaw Is—and How to Use It Properly
tool box and peg wall
The Must-Have Tools for Homeowners and Renters
Painter using paint thinner
What Paint Thinner Is—and How to Use It Properly
Paint and Lacquer Thinner Cans
The Difference Between Lacquer Thinner and Paint Thinner
Toggle Bolts
How to Install Toggle Bolts
Pouring concrete in building
The Best Temperature to Pour Concrete for High-Quality Results
Jigsaw set up on wooden board with saw blade going through
How to Properly Use a Jigsaw
Tamper tool with other tools
How to Use a Tamper Tool
Multitester tool on electronic scheme diagram.
How to Use a Multimeter
Lawn mower in garden
How to Troubleshoot Issues With Your Lawnmower for a Better Mowing Season
Man using gas snowblower.
How (and Why) to Drain Gas From Your Snowblower
a shop vacuum sitting on the garage floor
How to Use a Shop Vac for Water
Trisodium Phosphate
What Is Trisodium Phosphate?
Mineral Spirits
Mineral Spirits vs. Paint Thinner: What's the Difference?
Blue PEX tubing bent with a 90-degree elbow, bend support and clamps
How to Bend PEX Tubing
Screw extractor
How to Use a Screw Extractor
tape measure
How to Read a Tape Measure
Illustration of tools for electrical projects
17 Basic Tools for Electrical Projects
PVC glue being removed with sandpaper from PCV pipe end
How to Remove PVC Glue
Bending Copper Pipe by Hand
How to Bend Copper Pipe 4 Ways
Basin wrench
A Specialty Basin Wrench Makes It Easy to Replace a Faucet
Dimensional Lumber Sizes For Building and Remodeling
Paint sprayer spraying white paint on unfinished wall
Paint Sprayer Basics to Know Before You Buy
Plumbing pipes
10 Must-Have Items for Plumbing Projects Around the House
How to Pick the Right Nail for Your Next Project
Close up detail of circular saw
Before You Buy a Circular Saw
Drywall work tools
What Tools Are Needed for Drywall Work?
White geometric wall tiles with grout float passing over
10 Tiling Tools to Help With Your Next Tile Project
compressed air carry tank
These Are Uses for a Portable Compressed Air Tank
Hitting nail into wooden beam
8 Tips for Good Hammering
Tiling with a square notch tile trowel
When to Use a V-Notch or Square-Notch Tile Trowel
Oscillating Multitool
6 Paint Stripping Tools For Exteriors
Nail set hammered into white baseboard
How to Use a Nail Set
Torch soldering underneath copper plumbing pipe
Top Tools Needed for Soldering Copper Pipe
Home Improvement Store
Lowe's vs. Home Depot Comparison
Cellulose insulation in attic
What You Should Know About Blow-In Cellulose Insulation
Oily rags safely disposed in metal can clsoeup
Can Oily Rags Really Catch Fire on Their Own?
Man clearing the drains
The Right Way to Snake a Sewer Drain
Hammer driving in yellow concrete nail gun
Anchoring Wood to Concrete With a Powder-Actuated Nail Gun
Male architect and tradesman discussing plan on laptop at construction site
HomeAdvisor: What To Know and How It Works
Expanding Foam
10 Genius Uses for Expanding Foam That You Probably Never Thought Of