Good home improvement tools and materials make repairs and upgrades easy. Learn about lumber sizes, types of wrenches, and more in our tool guide.
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How to Cut Granite 3 Ways
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25 Types of Wrenches and How to Choose
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clamp on wood
29 Types of Clamps and How to Choose
wooden tray with coffee
How to Make Your Own Wooden Tray
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Drill bits
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Front door lock with key
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wooden cutting board
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wooden stool
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wooden drawer divider
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Drilling a Pilot Hole in Wood
How to Drill a Pilot Hole
Recessed LED lights
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Ventilated wire shelving
How to Cut Wire Shelving
Hinge With Screw
How to Fix a Stripped Screw Hole
wood stain
How to Remove Stain From Wood
A DIY router table for woodworking
How to Build a Router Table
diy window frame
How to Build a Window Frame
A group of different types of pliers
5 Types of Pliers and How to Choose
modern living room with ladder shelf
How to Build a Ladder Shelf
Nail gun on a wooden background
9 Types of Nail Guns and How to Choose
Rolls of tape used for home improvement
How to Choose the Right Tape for Home Improvement Projects
wood oil
Tung Oil vs. Linseed Oil Comparison Guide
A person using a power drill to drill a nail into wood
10 Types of Drills and How to Choose
An overhead shot of a selection of screws
13 Types of Screws and How to Choose
diy wooden cold frame
How to Build a Cold Frame
Torque wrench on a white background
How to Use a Torque Wrench
wine rack
How to Make Your Own Wine Rack
Flathead screwdriver
How to Use a Flat Head Screwdriver
metal washers and nuts
How to Use a Lock Washer
Overhead shot of a woman looking at a tool kit
10 Tools Every First-Time Homeowner Needs
pile of sockets
How to Build a Socket Organizer
Types of saws and how to choose
15 Types of Saws and How to Choose
Types of screwdrivers hanging from a peg board
10 Types of Screwdrivers and How to Choose
A hand using a paint roller
How to Choose a Paint Roller
A circular saw
How to Buy a Circular Saw
A hammer on top of a deck
6 Types of Hammers and How to Choose
A person using a belt sander on wood
How to Use a Belt Sander
A pressure washer on a desk
How to Use a Pressure Washer
A dog on a set of stairs
How to Build DIY Dog Stairs
Wooden Peg Board
How to Build a DIY Pegboard
minimal laundry machine
How to Build a DIY Laundry Pedestal
Close-Up Of Towels And Napkins On Rack In Bathroom
How to Remove a Towel Bar (Even If There Are No Visible Screws)
Concrete Sleeve Anchors
How to Install Concrete Anchors
Closeup of a person sealing wood with varnish
What Is Varnish?
Grout or Mortar in Bucket
The Differences Between Grout and Mortar
Framing nailer being used
How to Use a Framing Nailer
Drilling a hole into brick
How to Drill Into Brick
Construction worker makes measurements with a laser level tool
How to Use a Laser Level
Pouring Paint Into Tray
What Is Satin Paint?
Yellow and black nail gun above wood with nails on the side
How to Use a Nail Gun
Miter Saw
How to Use a Miter Saw
Fan Coil Unit close-up of fins on air conditioner
How to Use a Fin Comb
Gas Fireplace
How to Turn on a Gas Fireplace With a Wall Key
Reverse osmosis water softener tank
6 Types of Water Softeners and How to Choose One
White subway tile, green accent tile with tile spacers without grout
How to Use Tile Spacers
House number 37
How to Hang Things on Stucco
Orange stud finder placed flat against wall
How to Use a Stud Finder
Reciprocating saw in use cutting wood
How to Use a Reciprocating Saw