Tools That Every Scrapbooker Should Own

Papercrafting 101: Basic Scrapbooking Materials

Are you a creative person that loves to reminisce and look at old photographs? Do you have the desire to preserve your memories for the next generation? Do you want to have a hobby that gives you a creative outlet while having fun and socializing with like minded people? Then scrapbooking might be for you!

People have been preserving memories since the 15th century, but it didn’t take off as a major industry until the 1980’s. Scrapbooking companies today, have many beautiful products available...MORE which will help you make stunning layouts.

You don’t have to be artistic to create beautiful scrapbook layouts. You just need some basic tools, and a desire to save your most treasured memories.You will be amazed how easy it is to make beautiful scrapbook albums even if you can’t draw a straight line.

Check out the essential tools listed below that you will help you get started.

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    12 x 12 Patterned Papers and Solid Colored Cardstock

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    Most scrapbookers use 12 x 12 sheets of acid and lignin free paper to construct their basic layouts. This type of paper doesn’t fade or turn yellow and will be able to stand the test of time.

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    Photo Corner Mounts

    Photo Corners
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    You will need photo corner mounts to attach your photographs to the layout page. Just fit the corners onto the paper background and slide your photos in place.

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    Scrapbooking Albums and Page Inserts

    Scrapbook Album
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    You will need albums to save your scrapbook pages, Most scrapbook albums come in standard 12 x 12-page sizes and require  12 x 12 plastic page protectors.

    These days Smash books and Pocket Scrapbooking are also popular. You may want to try these as an alternative to traditional scrapbook layouts.

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    Acid Free Glue

    Acid Free Glue
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    Acid-free glues are designed specifically for scrapbooks. They do not wrinkle the paper or yellow with time. They should set clear and provide excellent adhesion to thicker papers.

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    Paper Trimmer

    Paper Trimmer
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    You will want to purchase a paper trimmer if you are serious about scrapbooking.Paper trimmers can cut 12 x 12 sized paper into straight lines. You get precise cuts with a trimmer, and they are so much easier and faster than using a pencil, ruler, scissors or craft knife. This tool is a must have for scrapbooking!

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    Archival Pens for Journaling

    Archival Journaling Pens
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    Many people find the act of journaling their memories onto a scrapbook layout to be therapeutic. They say it helps them to deal with painful or difficult times in their lives.  Archival quality pens should be used for scrapbook layouts because they have inks that will not fade.

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    Personal Die Cut Machines

    Manual die cut machine
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    Die cut machines can be either electronic or manual. These devices will help you cut out paper shapes to accessorize your scrapbook layouts. Most die cutters will also offer paper embossing features.

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    Die Cut Templates

    paper craft dies
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    If you purchase a die cut machine, you will also need to buy die cut templates. These can either be plates that are used with manual machines, or electronic files that are used with die cutting software.

    You can find many electronic files for free on the internet.

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    Heat Embossing Tools

    heat embossing tool
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    If you plan to use embossing powders with you scrapbook layouts you will need to purchase a heat embossing tool. This tool will set the powder and give your project a beautiful raised "embossed" look.

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    Rubber Stamps and Inking Pads

    rubber stamps
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    What would scrap booking be without rubber stamps and inking pads? The variety and quality of rubber stamps available are astounding. Rubber stamps are easy to use and add a professional edge to your scrapbook layout.You will also need to buy ink pads in a variety of colors, to use with your rubber stamps.

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    Eyelette Setters

    eyelette setters
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    If you plan to use ribbon, string or lace in your layouts, you will need an eyelet setter. These tools will help you punch holes into your paper to run ribbons etc. through the layout holes.

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    You will also want to use brads with your eyelets. Brads are small wire nails that have distinctive heads that are used to add fun decorations to your layouts, or to hold papers together.

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    Ribbons add a splash of color and texture to your designs. They also work well with vintage layouts.