Tools You Must Have for an Easier Move

Essential Equipment and Tools for Self-Moves

African American family moving house
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There's nothing worse than starting to load your things onto the rental truck and you realize you're missing some key tools to make the move easier and to ensure a safe move. So if you decided to move yourself, make sure you have everything you need. Here's my list of "must haves" if you're moving yourself.

Furniture Dolly And/Or Utility Dolly

I can't tell you how much lifting and frustration a dolly and can save you. I often rent both types, depending on the number of people who are helping with the move. A utility dolly - the upright kind with two wheels - can be used to stack and move several boxes at once, saving your back and the possibility of dropping a box that contains breakables. Also, a furniture dolly, which has a large flat base with four wheels, is essential for moving large awkward items and to safely move large pieces of furniture. You just need to make sure the heavy items are well-secured and that you have extra help in moving items down stairs and up the ramp to the moving truck.

Moving Blankets or Pads

I never used to rent moving blankets when I moved as I thought they were a waste of money and the time needed to wrap them around furniture. But now that I'm older, and I have pieces of furniture and items that I care about, I wrap everything that's precious with a moving blanket or pad. Blankets can be used to protect a couch from spills and dust and protect antiques or other fragile items. You'll find that moving blankets are pretty much indispensable when it comes to moving yourself.

Ropes and Straps

Moving straps are another item that most people forget to include in their packing and moving supplies list. Moving straps are a great tool for carrying heavy and awkward stuff such as a big-screen television or a couch or household appliances - anything that requires more than one set of hands. Moving straps also prevent back strains and other injuries and can be used to secure items to a dolly or once they've been loaded on the truck. Ropes can be used the same way. It's just always good to keep extra on hand.

Packing Tape and Scissors

A mover's best friend! Keep packing tape and a pair of scissors with you at all times. Packing tape can be used to secure a blanket's corners, to repackage a box that had to be opened, or to secure furniture parts together. I also use packing tape to keep screws, tools and other necessities taped to the underside of tables and desks. I also like to have it on hand to tape up any remaining boxes or to keep packages secure. 


Of course, this only applies if you have stairs. But this little device has saved me a lot of effort. They're easy to attach, allowing heavy objects to be rolled down a set of stairs. This device is especially useful for carpeted stairs which can create resistance, making it difficult to slide a heavy object.