Top Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Diamond Earrings
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Anniversary jewelry is one of the most common purchases in the jewelry industry. Jewelry is sentimental and lasting, so it makes for an ideal gift for the person closest to you. 

But how much anniversary jewelry can a person own? The answer is a lot. In fact, every anniversary year is linked to a particular gemstone or metal, so in theory, you could create quite the collection with anniversary jewelry alone.

We've put together a list of the top anniversary jewelry gifts by year along with some shopping tips and pointers to guide you. 

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    1st Anniversary — Gold Watch

    Gold Watch Ideas
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    The first anniversary rolls around before you know it, and many couples are still dealing with expenses from the wedding, honeymoon, and possibly new living arrangements.

    This tight budget explains why peridot is an alternate choice since it's relatively inexpensive compared to other gemstones. However, gold is not as cheap as it used to be. Save money by purchasing something gold-toned instead of something solid gold. 

    • Main: Gold
    • Alternate: Peridot
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    5th Anniversary — Pink Tourmaline Necklace

    Anniversary jewelry
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    Five years is an extraordinary milestone worthy of jewelry that is a bit more thought-out. Sapphires come in almost every color and are beautiful beyond measure, but opt to go with the alternate stone for a more unusual gift idea. Pink tourmaline is fiercely brilliant and looks great in pendant form.

    • Main: Sapphire
    • Alternate: Pink Tourmaline

    Pink Tourmaline Pendant, $855, CharlesBabbDesigns

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    10th Anniversary — Diamond Earrings

    Anniversary Jewelry Ideas
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    When shopping for diamonds for the 10th wedding anniversary, many couples opt for diamond stud earrings. These are like the little black dress of the jewelry world. If your significant other doesn't own a pair of simple diamond studs, this would be the ideal option. However, if you want jaws dropping, dangly diamond earrings won't disappoint. Just make sure to take her to a fancy dinner so she has a chance to wear them right away. 

    • Main: Diamond
    • Alternate: Blue Sapphire

    Diamond Earrings in Solid 14k White Gold, $1,119, VividGemsOnEtsy

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    20th Anniversary — Emerald Ring

    What to buy for anniversary jewelry
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    Emeralds are one of the four precious gemstones, but they can be really tricky to purchase. Be advised that if you select a loose emerald, it may be harder than you realize to set the stone. For instance, many jewelers will make you sign waivers just in case they chip the stone while setting. Emeralds are infamous for being difficult to set. Instead, opt for an emerald that is already set and be sure the mounting protects the sides of the stones. 

    • Main: Emerald
    • Alternate: Platinum
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    25th Anniversary — Silver Toned Anniversary Bands

    Anniversary jewelry ideas
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    The main material for the 25th wedding anniversary is silver jubilee according to the traditional anniversary gift guides. Jubilee means special. To make this anniversary jewelry special, opt for purchasing something that is silver toned but not necessarily made from silver. A diamond anniversary band in white gold or platinum is a great choice, which is a more elaborate and thicker wedding band. This jewelry option would make an excellent accessory for a wedding vow renewal ceremony.

    • Main: Silver Jubilee
    • Alternate: Tsavorite, Green Garnet

    14K Diamond Anniversary Band, $2,025, MasterJeweler

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    50th Anniversary — Gold Wedding Bands

    Jewelry anniversary gift ideas
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    By the 50th wedding anniversary, there's a good chance that your wedding bands aren't in near mint condition. Wearing gold every day leads to metal wear, which is unavoidable to a certain extent. Many couples opt to retire their original wedding bands at this point in their marriage and purchase new ones to wear. This will preserve the original wedding bands for future generations as well as allow for a second set to be enjoyed. 

    • Main: Golden Jubilee
    • Alternate: Imperial or Golden Topaz
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    Other Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

    Anniversary jewelry ideas
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    That covers the milestone anniversaries, which are the ones where people most commonly purchase jewelry. However, there are plenty of other anniversary jewelry ideas for couples who just want to get something meaningful but don't necessarily want to go by the list. 

    Some top wedding anniversary jewelry gifts include: 

    • An engraved locket with a picture of the couple inside
    • A mother's ring with birthstones of the couple's children
    • A jewelry item with the birthstone of month the couple was married
    • Sentimental jewelry with motifs like the Infinity symbol
    • Jewelry with a stone or color that your significant other loves