9 Aqua Paint Colors for Your Home

It's not just for beach houses

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Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-144.

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Aqua may not be the first paint color you gravitate towards during a home renovation, but it's surprisingly versatile and varied. It can be bright and cheerful or muted and relaxing, depending on the shade. A mix of blue and green, aqua is a go-to for beachy decor and coastal homes. But this gorgeous color isn't only for houses near the water; it's also a great choice for modern and vintage design schemes.

Whether you're looking for a shade that's a little more pigmented and vibrant or you're drawn to muted and smoky tones, we've rounded up the best aqua paints on the market.

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    Best Light Aqua: Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt SW 6204

    Sherwin Williams sea salt
    Sherwin Williams 

    At first glance, Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt is so subtle it may appear more gray or neutral than aqua. But with rich colored accents, the green undertones in this light aqua paint really shine through. Perfect for nearly any room (we particularly like it in bedrooms, living spaces, and kitchens), this is a great color for those seeking a little more color without overpowering their space.

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    Best Medium Aqua: Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua 2048-60

    Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua

    Benjamin Moore 

    Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua is a true aqua paint color. This beach-inspired hue is balanced perfectly between blue and green. While it's certainly vibrant, it's also relaxing and tranquil. Jamaican Aqua is a good choice for master bathrooms or cheery laundry rooms, and it's the perfect blend of green and blue.

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    Best Dark Aqua: Glidden Deepest Aqua 30BG 33/207

    Glidden Deepest Aqua


    If you're not afraid to experiment with deep, bold colors, Glidden Deepest Aqua is a great choice for most rooms. This rich, mermaid-inspired aqua is perfect for a playroom or an accent wall, and pairs well with other bright colors, such as coral and pink.

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    Best Soft Aqua: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC-144

    Benjamin Moore Palladian

    Benjamin Moore

    Palladian Blue is a soft, muted aqua with blue undertones that works beautifully in sunny living spaces and bathrooms. Bold and clean, Palladian Blue is the perfect blend of gray and a blue, and is a subtle way to add a little bit of pigment to a smaller space. Though we love bold colors in any size room, softer colors can lend a little personality without becoming too intense.

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    Best Green Aqua: Valspar Beach Blanket 6002-9B

    Valspar paint


    Valspar Beach Blanket is a little ​greener than a typical aqua, but it shares the same fresh look. This is the aqua paint color to reach for if you're more of a "green person," but would still like to create a beach-inspired vibe. Beach Blanket is a warmer aqua than others, making it a great paint to pair with neutral beiges and yellows.

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    Best Bold Aqua: Valspar Turquoise Tint 5006-10B

    Valspar Turquoise Tint


    If you're done experimenting with subtle pops of color and ready to take a bolder approach, Valspar Turquoise Tint is just the ticket. This rich turquoise aqua has strong green undertones—and though it's bright, it's an incredibly soothing color. Try Turquoise Tint in a powder room or on an exterior door for a splash of coastal color.

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    Best Dusty Aqua: Behr Marina Isle 480E-3

    Behr aqua paint


    Marina Isle is a chalky soft aqua with green undertones. It's not an overly saturated color, but it pairs well with other muted tones, such as beige and olive green. We love it in living rooms big and small—pick bolder green accents to make this aqua paint really pop.

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    Best Smoky Aqua: Sherwin-Williams Interesting Aqua SW 6220

    Sherwin-Williams Interesting Aqua


    True to its name, Sherwin-Williams Interesting Aqua is a unique aqua shade with gray and green undertones and a calming, smoky appearance. Another muted aqua, Interesting Aqua, is a choice color for entryways, bedrooms, and even kitchen cabinets. It adds the perfect dose of color without feeling juvenile or outdated.

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    Best Mint Aqua: Sherwin-Williams Waterscape SW 6470

    Sherwin Williams Waterscape

    Sherwin Williams 

    Mint green is an incredibly popular color, but it can be hard to work with in some spaces. Sherwin-Williams Waterscape is an attractive minty aqua that won't feel overly pastel or childish. It's the perfect color for a bedroom or bathroom, and looks stunning and mature next to browns and tans.

Whether you want to add a pop of bold color to a kitchen or you're hunting for a subtle splash of green for your guest bedroom, aqua is a stunning rich shade that holds up well year after year. If you're not sure which aqua is right for your space, sample several shades until you find your favorite. Don't hesitate when considering the addition of aqua to your color scheme—it will surely make a beautiful statement in your home.