Top 10 Aqua Paint Colors

Choose from These Hues, from Beach Blanket to Caribbean Breeze

Aqua paint colors can be bright and cheerful or muted and relaxing. This shade is a beautiful mix of blue and green and can be quite versatile; whether you prefer your aqua a little on the blue or green side, the fresh appeal of this color is undeniable. Beach-inspired decorating is a natural choice for aqua paint, but there are so many more styles that would benefit from its crisp beauty.

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    Fairy Tale Blue - Benjamin Moore 2055-50

    Top Aqua Paint Colors
    Benjamin Moore Fairy Tale Blue. Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Fairy Tale Blue is a vibrant aqua paint color. This pretty shade has just a hint of green, commands attention, and is the perfect backdrop for all things sparkly. Silver and glossy black accents would create a glamorous palette with Fairy Tale Blue.

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    Jamaican Aqua - Benjamin Moore 2048-60

    Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua Paint Swatch
    Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua. Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua is a favorite aqua paint color. This beach-inspired hue is balanced perfectly between blue and green. It is a vibrant aqua, but also relaxing and tranquil at the same time. Jamaican Aqua is a good choice when you aren't sure whether blue or green is right for your space.

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    Festoon Aqua - Sherwin-Williams SW 0019

    Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua Paint sample
    Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua. Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua is perfect if you're looking for a smokey shade of aqua. The beach inspiration is still there, but this muted color offers greater opportunities to coordinate with warm neutrals. This very sophisticated aqua pairs well with dark wood and stone and the gray undertone of Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua keeps this paint from appearing too bright on your walls. 

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    Aquatint - Sherwin-Williams SW 6936

    Sherwin-Williams Aquatint Paint Swatch
    Sherwin-Williams Aquatint. Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Aquatint is a light and cheerful aqua. This versatile blue-based aqua is a top choice for nurseries because of its happy nature. Light wood and crisp white trim would be perfect with Aquatint for a contemporary bath or bedroom. 

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    Breaktime - Sherwin-Williams SW 6463

    Sherwin-Williams Breaktime Swatch
    Sherwin-Williams Breaktime. Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Breaktime is as relaxing as its name suggests; this muted aqua paint color is calming and soothing. For a true spa-style retreat, Breaktime can easily be your main paint color. This is an aqua that clearly has a green influence, but could co-exist peacefully with blues of the same tone. 

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    Clear Blue Sky - Glidden 70BG 70/131

    Glidden Clear Blue Sky might have more blue than a traditional aqua, but this refreshing paint color is a good choice if you love the idea of aqua but definitely prefer blue tones. Clear Blue Sky is stunning with dark wood accents and naturally warm gold wood and stone. 

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    Caribbean Breeze - Benjamin Moore 652

    Benjamin Moore Caribbean Breeze Paint Swatch
    Benjamin Moore Caribbean Breeze. Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Caribbean Breeze is light and ethereal. This soft aqua is a wonderful choice for a space that has less than ample natural light. The paint's inner glow can light up a room, regardless of its size.

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    Beach Blanket - Valspar 6002-9B

    Valspar Beach Blanket is a little ​greener than a typical aqua, but it shares the same fresh look. This is the aqua paint color to reach for if you are more of a "green person" but would still like a clean beach-inspired vibe. The warmth of the green allows Beach Blanket to coordinate with a larger palette of colors than aqua paint colors with a blue undertone. 

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    Spa Green - Valspar 5004-6A

    Valspar Spa Green is another alternative to blue-based aqua paint colors. This rich teal is muted perfectly, making it accessible to a variety of living spaces. Spa Green is a moody color with just enough drama for a dining room or powder room, but relaxed enough for a living room. 

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    Cool Aqua - Benjamin Moore 2056-40

    This vibrant blue-green paint will bring a bit of excitement to a room, ideal for reviving a living room, dining room, or powder room. This splash of color contrasts well with bright white and black, as well as certain shades of yellow.