Top Asian Cocktails

Here are a number of luscious  Asian cocktails fit for any celebration, from New Year's Eve to a summer party. Many of these Asian cocktail recipes (plus a few Polynesian classics) come from Colleen Graham,'s Guide to Cocktails:

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    Summer Lunch
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    Created in honor of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Summer Games, here is a fun drink that takes a twist on the traditional Beillini by replacing the Peach Schnapps with Lychee Liquor. This recipe comes from mixologist Andrew Krauss at New York City’s China 1 Antique Restaurant and Lounge. A reader has given it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

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    Mango margarita
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    The unique flavor of mango comes to life in this simple margarita recipe that uses only three ingredients.

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    Infused Cranberry Cocktail
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    In the Red Lotus cocktail the distinct flavor of lychee is accented with the lighter taste of cranberry. It's an interesting play of flavors that is both intensely sweet and delicately refreshing.

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    Mango/lime cocktail
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    This intriguing spicy cocktail pairs Absolut Mango Vodka with mango nectar, agave nectar and hot jalapeno peppers.

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    Lychee nuts, sugar and lime add flavor to a martini made with vodka and Japanese sake.

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    Shandong Mary

    Best Bloody Mary
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    Here is an Asian take on the Bloody Mary, made with chili garlic sauce and Tsingtao Lager, from Chef Martin Yan. Makes 1 cocktail.

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    Lychee Martini
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    This luscious and sweet cocktail features Lichido Liqueur, a fruity blend with vodka, Cognac, lychee, guava essences and white peach juice. The garnish is a single lychee which can be found, canned or fresh, at most Asian markets. If you're a fan of lychees you will truly appreciate the flavors of this unique variation of the Martini and its signature liqueur.
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    Ginger Beer Fizz

    Dark and stormy cocktail
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    A beer cocktail with a twist, this drink combines the smooth flavor of Tsingtao Pure Draft with the refreshing taste of ginger. This Ginger Beer Fizz recipe is by Chef Martin Yan.
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    Singapore Sling Cocktail
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    Developed in Singapore in the early 1900's, the Singapore Sling is a smooth, slow, sweet cocktail. This recipe is just one variation.
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    Mai tai cocktail, focus, and Manhattan, blurred
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    Mai Tai translates from Tahitian to mean "Out of this World." A fitting description for this cocktail.
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    Spectacular Cocktails
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    A pineapple and coconut delight for hot days, the Chi-Chi is a wonderful tropical frozen cocktail that is something a little different than the average Margarita.
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    Alcohol Cocktail
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    Another drink made with litchi liqueur.
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    Lemon punch with Curaçao and sugar stars
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    Our Guide to Cocktails says that, when mixed, this punch looks like a tranquil blue lagoon and has the potential to be a stunning presentation with the right punch bowl and decorations.
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    Mango Batida
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    Finally, for guests who don't drink alcohol, here is a mango flavored variation of the classic Orange Julius.