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The Best Digital and Analog Audio Baby Monitors

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Whether you want a top-notch DECT digital baby monitor or basic analog version, you need a baby monitor that has clear sound and the convenience features that fit your lifestyle and home. The following baby monitors have a good reputation for quality, pack a variety of features and come in a range of prices, so there's a baby monitor here for every situation.

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    Philips Avent SCD510 DECT Digital Baby Monitor
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    Philips Avent was the first to sell digital baby monitors using DECT technology in the U.S. The SCD510 digital baby monitor uses DECT to provide a secure connection between the parent and child monitor units that is guaranteed to be interference-free. You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, and the monitor automatically scans 120 channels to make sure there's never a disruption (aside from any that your baby may make). There's a talk-back feature, too, so you can talk to your...MORE baby from another room. You can plug it in or roam up to about 1000 ft with the rechargeable batteries. I like the long battery life on this baby monitor.

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    Safety 1st High Def Digital Baby Monitor
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    Safety 1st's budget-friendly DECT digital baby monitor is scheduled for an update, so you may find that it has limited availability for a while. The Safety 1st High Def Digital baby monitor offers the same interference-free, private connection as more expensive DECT baby monitors, though perhaps with a little less battery life and slightly less range. It's a good choice if a $100 or more DECT baby monitor isn't in the budget.
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    Sony BabyCall Baby Monitor
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    The Sony BabyCall is one of the best baby monitors available for less than $50. It's a 900mHZ analog baby monitor, so it's possible you'll get interference from other gadgets in your household. However, there are 27 channels, so you can probably find one that works well enough. To combat the annoying, constant background noise hiss that other inexpensive monitors have, the Sony BabyCall has a Voice Activation Mode that keeps the speakers quiet until baby makes a sound. I also like...MORE the rechargeable batteries and the water-resistant housing on the receiver, which is nice for the times when you can sneak away for a steamy shower.
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    Graco UltraClear II Baby Monitor
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    Sometimes finding the right baby monitor requires a bit of trial and error, so if a 49 mHZ analog monitor is on your list of monitors to try, the Graco UltraClear II is an excellent choice. It's inexpensive and basic, with just two channels to minimize interference, but many parents who have used it are very happy with its performance, especially considering the reasonable price. Two parent units come with the Ultra Clear II baby monitor, which is often something you pay extra for. I also...MORE like the nightlight feature, which automatically turns itself off after 15 minutes.
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    VTech Crystal Sounds Baby Monitor
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    VTech's Crystal Sounds baby monitor is the newest to offer DECT digital technology, and it can sometimes be found online for just $50 to $60. In my book, that means it's worth a try. It has 120 channels that it scans automatically for the clearest signal, plus sound indicator lights and and the ability to control the microphone sensitivity. From the parent unit, you can remotely turn on music to soothe your baby, and it will play right from the baby unit. There are 20 songs available....MORE This is one of few DECT digital baby monitors that is available with two parent units.