8 Great Alphabet Videos for Babies and Toddlers

Alphabet videos for babies and toddlers offer a fun background for learning letters. Through songs, animal pictures and other attention-grabbing sounds and visuals, these entertaining and educational alphabet videos will have your little one singing the ABCs in no time. There's an alphabet learning show to match any learning style, from high energy to low-key and soothing, and from animated to real pictures and video. Of course, plenty of practice with you is still necessary to learn all of...MORE the letters, one of these videos is a nice start, and can be used with older kids as reinforcement once school begins.

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    Meet the Letters DVD

    Meet the Letters, from the Preschool Prep Company, is a great choice for older toddlers who are ready to learn the difference between upper and lower case letters. This video shows each letter, says the letter name, and features an animated letter that is doing some activity that starts with the letter, such as a dancing D. Toddlers will enjoy trying to guess what activity the letter is doing, and the repetition will help them link the letter's sound with how the letter looks on the screen.

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    Sesame Street All Star Alphabet video

    This fun Sesame Street video teaches the alphabet through a trip to the mall with some life-size letters, including Stephen Colbert as letter Z, and Elmo. Parents will also love the appearances by music stars, such as Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, and Melissa Etheridge. The musicians sing alphabet-theme versions of their popular songs, and the letters A and Z interview other letters to hear about their shapes and sounds. The familiar Sesame Street characters are also fun for toddlers to spot.

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    Pocket Snails Letter Adventure DVD
    Your toddler will love to meet Buttons, Dale and Gordon, the Pocket Snails, who live in their friend Jake's pocket, as they learn the letters of the alphabet. The Pocket Snails Letter Adventure video features engaging cartoon pictures, upbeat music, amusing snail antics and repetition to teach the ABCs. Both upper and lower case letters are presented, and bonus activities on the DVD encourage kids to name objects that start with each letter and practice the alphabet along with the video.
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    Leap Frog Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park DVD

    Familiar Leap Frog characters Leap, Lily and Tad go on an adventure to an alphabet theme amusement park with their friend Edison, who is a firefly. When they arrive, though, the park is closed, and then Edison ends up stuck on a ferris wheel. The only way to rescue him is to learn the whole alphabet, big letters and small. If your toddler has other Leap Frog alphabet learning products, this video will provide continuity in how the letters are presented, which can aid learning.

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    Alphabet Circus DVD

    This animated video takes babies and toddlers on a visit to the circus, where they participate in a musical game of finding things that start with each letter of the alphabet. Each letter also has its own song to help teach it to kids. A review at the end covers all uppercase and lowercase letters.

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    Brainy Baby Introducing the Alphabet DVD

    Need a break from animated alphabet videos? This Brainy Baby DVD features real children and everyday objects in real surroundings to teach the alphabet. It uses a well-researched teach, repeat, review pattern that can help some children learn their letters more effectively. The peppy music is also engaging for kids and not annoying to parents.

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    Alphabet Train DVD

    For train-lovers, this alphabet video is top-notch. Follow real trains to learn the letters, "from Amtrak to Zephyr." In addition to the alphabet, this DVD teaches concepts such as above and below, in and out, off and on, plus discusses railroad safety and railroad jobs. Of course, there are plenty of train sounds to keep a railroad fan entertained.

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    Animal ABCs Video

    This alphabet video isn't a DVD, it's available to watch on your computer, tablet, or TV with a streaming device. Animal ABCs uses gorgeous video of real animals to teach the letters. Kids learn about the animals in addition to hearing and seeing all of the letters. This is a great video to have available on a tablet or phone to keep toddlers entertained when you have an unexpected wait where they might get bored.